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Is Financial Stress Contributing To Your Poor Health?

  • February 20, 2019

financial stress

There are many things that can make us anxious from day to day. Many of us worry about how our kids are doing in school or whether our job offers the stability we need. It's also extremely common to feel anxious about money. Then, financial fear can result. Even when we're doing well, it's common to wonder things like, "But, how long will this last?" "Is financial hardship just around the corner?"

If money-related worries are always on your mind, there's a good chance that you'll experience related health problems. That's because being upset about money could cause additional stress that leads to poor health.

Stress May Interfere With Your Sleep

Sleep is essential to help the body get restored from all that happened during waking hours. But, a phenomenon called stress-related insomnia happens when people are so stressed that they can't sleep. This problem manifests with some telltale symptoms such as extremely tense muscles and a racing heart.

If they sound familiar to you, try to wind down with some breathing exercises. Also, if things like your smartphone or the TV contribute to your stress, remove those things from your sleeping area to reduce the likelihood they'll distract you.

When you get a good night of sleep, the chances go up that you can conquer stress when you're awake. You'll feel more energized, too.

Stress Causes Short-Term Blood Pressure Spikes

Scientists know that excessive stress causes a rise in blood pressure, but they aren't sure if prolonged stress could cause ongoing problems with high blood pressure. In any case, periods of high blood pressure put an extra strain on your heart and blood vessels. If you are already someone who struggles with keeping your blood pressure under control, financial-related stress definitely isn't helping.

Sometimes, people who are dealing with financial instability feel so terrified that they start dwelling on the worst things that could happen instead of proactively looking for solutions. Don Gayhardt knows the value of offering solutions to people who may have felt hopeless. His helps people through short-term loans. Consider whether getting a short-term loan could help you get out of your current circumstances.

Pondering what you can do in the near future is typically much more fruitful than worrying about what could happen, and a short-term loan is one example of something you could apply for soon. Taking steps to solve your situation could help you feel more at ease overall, plus reduce your raised blood pressure.

Stress Can Wreak Havoc on Mental Health

When people think about health, they often do so in a purely physical sense. But, it's crucial to also view health as something that encompasses mental well-being, too. If you are going through a financial hardship that's causing extraordinarily high stress levels, you may start to believe harmful things about yourself.

For example, you may start to tell yourself that you are irresponsible or someone who is unable to cope with life. When those kinds of thoughts continue, they could lead to depression, anxiety, or other mental health problems. It's essential to keep a balanced perspective as much as possible, which means not letting your thoughts spiral and take you into dark places.

Even if you made some mistakes that caused your current financial situation, people aren't perfect, and mistakes are inevitable. Instead of thinking about how bleak things seem and feel now, try to shift your thoughts and think about how to improve the way things are so that you can thrive once again.

Hopefully, what you've just read have made you realize that if you haven't been feeling well lately, financial stress could be to blame. It's best to visit your doctor for a checkup and to be honest about the kind of stress you've been under lately. Then, take comfort in remembering that awareness is the first step in moving toward action.

Improving Your Finances Through Careers and Savings

  • February 20, 2019

Improving Your Finances Through Careers and Savings

Money is one of those things that can cause an untold amount of stress or complete relaxation, and finding a way to balance those emotions can be challenging. Here we are going to take a look at some of the ways you can make your concerns about your bank balance a thing of the past. There are several options available to you, whether you’re someone who is trying to get by each month or if you want to take your current funds and increase them. So, let’s take a look at what you might want to do and how to go about it.

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How To Prepare for Financial Emergencies

  • February 18, 2019

According to some analysts, the future of the global economy is hard to predict, and there might be another crisis around the corner. Even people who were in a stable financial position back in 2007 suffered due to the credit crunch, so it is important that you are prepared and can deal with whatever the future brings. No matter if you are living a comfortable life now, you have to ask yourself what if the cost of living increased by up to 20 percent, or if you had to pay unexpected medical bills or other expenses? Having a side hustle and a residual income is a good way of surviving challenging times. Below you will find a few ways you can be prepared for financial emergencies.

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Used As Good As New: The 3 Best Things About A Used Car

  • February 15, 2019

Cars are kind of like smartphones these days because there seems to be a new model being launched every couple of years. This is great for new car buyers as they have options to buy into the new class of car with better technology, safety gadgets and better fuel economy. Manufacturers now also provide a lot of options for those that want them in their various models.

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The Ultimate Guide To Side Hustle Investments

  • February 12, 2019

The idea of making your money work more aggressively for you is borne out of the need to prepare for our futures. We want to make sure that we have the money we need for our retirement, we want to enjoy our twilight years, and we don’t want to have financial concerns as we grow older. The thought of scrimping and saving while we should be enjoying our time away from work can have a detrimental impact to our mental health. Watching your money accrue minimal interest in a savings account is the least risky way of ensuring that your money stays safe, but it’s also the least lucrative way of making your money work for you.

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How Entrepreneurs Can Tackle Long Term Projects

  • February 7, 2019

How Entrepreneurs Can Tackle Long Term Projects

Macro and micro managing a business are both skills that need to be understood by entrepreneurs. Think about your business plan and what it entails. You’ll have the large objectives set and you will know what you want to achieve by year 5. However for those plans to come to fruition you need smaller plans that will be used to get to where you need to be. This is the difference between strategy and tactics. The strategy outlines the overall direction or thing you want to achieve but the tactics are how you do so. Long term projects are kind of like walking a tightrope for some business owners because a lot can happen in just 1 business year. So if you have a plan for expanding your business in the next few years, the tactics you employ will either make your move a success or it will cause the strategy to collapse. Even if your strategy and long term plan are completely sound, the small steps you make add up and can be make or break.Read more

You Don’t Need To Do It Like A Fella To Make Your Mark In Construction

  • February 4, 2019

You Don't Need To Do It Like A Fella To Make Your Mark In Construction

Even in 2019, plenty of men claim that some jobs ‘just aren’t for girls’. These tend to be careers which focus on strength above all. As such, these people feel justified by biology to back up their claims. And, even we can’t deny that, scientifically, a typical woman does have less upper body strength. That’s a fact. But, it by no means signifies that strength-based careers should be off female cards altogether.Read more

3 Reasons Why Your Professional Image Is Really Worth Taking Seriously as an Entrepreneur

3 Reasons Why Your Professional Image Is Really Worth Taking Seriously as an Entrepreneur

No one wants to feel, or seem, shallow. We all know that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, and hopefully, every entrepreneur out there is aware that quality services and good ethical behaviour are the most important things in any business.

All the same, though, if you really want to make it as an entrepreneur, there is just no getting around the fact that you need to take your professional image seriously. Very seriously.

That may not seem like the most upbeat, life-affirming point to make. But it’s true all the same.

Unconvinced? Well, here are a few reasons why your professional image should be one of your primary concerns as an entrepreneur.Read more

3 Perfect Careers For Extroverts

  • January 28, 2019

3 Perfect Careers For Extroverts

Some people are perfectly happy to sit in an office all day and just get their head down and do some work. But if you’re an extrovert and you like interacting with other people, that’s not the ideal way of working for you. You’ll get bored easily if you can’t be active and social with other people during the work day. A lot of jobs don’t really offer that opportunity and they’re more focused around solitary work, but there are plenty of careers that are built around your ability to interact with other people. These are some of the best career options for extroverts. Read more

Pretty Skint? Here’s How to Boost Your Income

  • January 25, 2019

Here's How to Boost Your Income

Being just a little bit richer, more successful, and attractive are basically what everyone is looking for. Somehow, we think it’s worth just hoping for and dreaming about this without actually doing something to make it happen - because it is, in fact, possible as long as you put your mind to it.

Increasing your income is definitely the one you should start out with, though, as it will influence the rest of your life quite a bit. Similarly to how it is when you’re trying to lose weight and become healthier, taking little steps at a time will actually help a lot.

Here is a handful of ways to increase your income this year without having to quit your day job right away. It just makes it a bit easier to not only make those ends meet - but also to feel like you’re finally prospering financially.Read more

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