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Should You Choose Canvas or Framed Prints?

  • February 23, 2021

Should You Choose Canvas or Framed Prints?

If you’ve recently moved and have some bare walls to cover or maybe need a refresher of your existing art, you have a choice to make. There’s a wonderful new photo of your kids, your dog, you and your hubby or that epic landscape of your latest vacation; maybe it’s all of those. You know what you want up on the wall, but can’t decide whether you want a traditional framed print or a canvas print.

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Benefits and Drawbacks of Driving for a Rideshare

  • February 8, 2021

Benefits and Drawbacks of Driving for a Rideshare

Maybe your goal is to finance the small business of your dreams. Maybe you want to save up for your kids’ college. Whatever the reason, it always pays to have a side hustle. And when it comes to side hustles, there are few more popular than driving for a rideshare like Lyft or Uber.

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Todd Stottlemyre’s New Book, The Observer, Discusses Emotional Intelligence

  • December 29, 2020

the observer

Entrepreneur and former MLB pitcher, Todd Stottlemyre, launched his new book today.

It's called The Observer: A Modern Fable on Mastering Your Thoughts & Emotions.

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Ways To Improve Your Work from Home Experience

  • December 3, 2020

Ways To Improve Your Work from Home Experience

These days, it is more important than ever to know how to create a good work from home environment. Whether you’ve recently transitioned to remote work or were already working from home voluntarily before the pandemic hit, here are some ways to improve your work from home experience.

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5 Lifestyle Changes That Will Save You Money

  • November 11, 2020

Chances are we all know someone that could benefit from a little extra money. Most of us are always striving towards higher paying jobs, or making small changes in our lives that will help us stretch our dollars a little further. But have you ever thought about making a huge change in your life that will help you save money but also benefit you and your family in other ways? 

Here are five big lifestyle changes you might be interested in. 

Hunt Your Own Meat

Hunting your own meat is not only more ethical and more healthy than buying it in grocery stores, it is also much less expensive. Taking up hunting as a hobby will have many other benefits to your life as well but saving money is not one that can be overlooked. 

Ditch Your Car

This may not be a possibility for everyone, but if you live in a city where public transportation is easily accessible and want to save loads of money per year, consider getting rid of your car. Taking the bus or subway is inexpensive, and walking or riding your bicycle places will also benefit your health! 

Stop Eating Out

Cook meals at home instead. Eating out is expensive, especially if you do it often. You can learn to cook the same things at home that you would typically order at a restaurant for half the cost,  and they will usually taste better too. This also goes for expensive coffee drinks and fancy cocktails. These are all things you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home for a fraction of the price. 


Learning to budget properly can end up saving you a ton of money in the long run because once you know exactly where all of your money is going you can figure out where you can make cuts. 

You may not have thought you were spending much money on clothes each year, but once you look at your budget, you realize it is a lot more than you thought. You can change these habits, but only once you are conscious of them. Budgeting will help you with this. 


You may live in an apartment or house larger than what you actually need simply because you liked it and thought you could afford it when you bought it or began renting. Perhaps you can technically afford it, but do you really need three bedrooms? 

Does the guest bathroom ever get used? Take into account your family size and how you actually use your space and consider downsizing. It could save you thousands. 

Lifestyle changes, big or small, are not always easy. But especially if they save you money, they can be very worth it!

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What Makes Good Retro Graphic Design?

  • November 5, 2020

What Makes Good Retro Graphic Design?

Retro is always in. The only problem is that what’s considered retro is always changing. If your small business needs a strong graphic identity, it’s hard to resist the allure of nostalgia when creating a brand that will resonate with your customers. But what makes good retro graphic design is more complicated than setting a year on the time machine and jumping in.

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Tips On Getting The Most Money For Your House

  • September 22, 2020

How to Start Flipping Houses - Beginners Guide

Getting The Realtor On Your Side

As it turns out, realtors are perfectly willing to involve themselves with property sales that result in cash transactions. It’s something that ends up serving the realtor—it’s like the icing on the cake, cash-only sales. Now that said, these aren’t the only means by which a property can be moved, but just because this isn’t traditional doesn’t mean it isn’t possible.

It may have some level of traditionalism to it; it’s just not a way of selling that’s well-known by modern millennial buyers. The bottom line is if you can work a cash transaction, do so. However, even if you can’t, working with a realtor can certainly help you maximize your profit—but you’ve got to be savvy.

Aligning Your Mindset To A Realtor’s

First, understand how realtors work. When you’ve got a house for sale, the average realtor will collect a commission that’s between 3% and 6% of the total property value. So if a home were worth $200k, the realtor would collect between $6k and $12k when the property sold. It’s going to more likely be a commission closer to the 5% or 6% figure.

Realtors who only take a 3% commission are going to try and flog your property off as quickly and cheaply as possible; their business model functions by moving as many properties as possible, as fast as possible. Traditional realtors take longer, and that’s one reason they’ll charge a higher commission: they’ve got to go longer without a paycheck.

So one house being sold a month at 5% commission, with an average home value of $100k, will bring a realtor $60k a year if they only sell 12 houses. But since they’re taking a low percentage, that means they’re less likely to hold out for properties where a buyer knows the home value and wants to get more money.

Realtors Get Antsy With High-Priced Units

Imagine you knew your home’s value was worth $250k, but the realtor wants to sell it at $200k. It doesn’t make sense, right? Shouldn’t they want the larger commission? Well, it depends on how long it takes for that commission to come in. So at the $250k rate, the realtor is looking at $12.5k. At the $200k rate, they’re looking at about $10k (at the 5% rate).

If it takes three months for you to sell at a higher rate, you make more money, but the realtor has to tread water during that time, so they get antsy. If they sold at the lower price, they would be able to pull in their commission quicker, and they’d be able to more totally focus on other properties.

So though they make more money by waiting longer directly, they may lose money indirectly. Here’s the thing: if you lose their services, it could take you more than three months to move a given property. It may take a year or more—and do you have that kind of time?

If you’re moving owing to the attainment of a new job, and you don’t go with a realtor, you could be paying the maintenance or mortgage costs for your old property while you’re paying for the new one. That’s a recipe for stress. Also, what does it cost simply to maintain a property? It could be as much as a thousand a month.

Research Carefully To Understand What You Need To Do

So if you’re trying to sell a house without a realtor, and you don’t know what you’re doing, the prospect is likely going to be a difficult one, and there’s a high likelihood it will be more expensive. There’s a tradeoff. Going with a realtor will get your property sold much more quickly than from your efforts. However, this might require a lower listing price.

In that scenario, you’re making less money directly, but there’s a possibility you’re saving more indirectly. So the question becomes: how do you find the balance in terms of property value, swift sale, and the utilization of realtor services that put your home in front of the right buyer from the outset?

The Right Steps For The Most Profitable Sale

Get the property independently appraised. Get all the “Honey-Do’s” done. Add a new coat of paint. Refurbish the attic and finish the basement. Replace doors or windows or locks as appropriate. Sand, clean, and refinish the wooden floors with new coats of polyurethane and stain, as appropriate. Switch out the carpet for Liquid Vinyl Plank (LVP). Landscape carefully.

When you maximize the property you have a prior listing, include its most positive features in the listing, get good photographic coverage, and find the right realtor from the outset, you’ll be able to list the property at a higher cost and get it sold quicker. Some remodeling, upgrade, or other refurbishments can also increase property value.

A kitchen remodels prior sale can do much to expand the price you can command for your property—only seek consultation first to assure you don’t spend the remodeling money in vain. Working with a realtor can help you maximize property value potential, but you’ll need to carefully research beforehand for best results.

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5 Essential Skills to Build Your Child’s Future that are taught in Kindergarten

  • September 2, 2020

There comes a certain age in your child’s life when they start doing stuff, at least a few, on their own. This can start with walking and eating to being able to study the things around them. When such an age is reached, parents must start to plan their education. Today, there are multiple platforms that offer kids an extremely fun way to learn. Kindergarten happens to be that first step where parents admit their child for his or her bright future.

In kindergarten, there are different levels where children of different age groups are admitted. Then accordingly, their levels are upgraded based on the skills they develop. Their learning of how to strengthen their social skills, understand the surroundings and many more plays a major role in the same. The programs and eligibility may differ from one kindergarten to another even in the same region. Hence, it is always wise that you do good research on the same first and only then get an admission for your child.

What Skills to Expect from your Child in Kindergarten?

Throughout the session in a kindergarten, your child will be busy with activities and lessons of a wide background. Each study contributes towards enhancing and developing him or her for both his personal and professional fronts. So, here are the 5 changes that you can expect from your kid who has started or will start going to the kindergarten:

Reading Skills: You may not expect your child to be very fluent in reading words, but you will be proud to find how he or she recognizes them easily. They will learn word families, letter sounds and rhyme one word with another.

Behavior Skills: Almost every kindergarten teaches its students to improve their behavioral skills. The professionals at Montessori suggest this study to be a significant factor in shaping the different stages of a child’s life. They learn how to speak when in public areas, how to respond to elders, the importance of sharing and in the later stage, handle conflicts.

Healthy Habits: The basics of how to keep the body healthy and the various steps to be taken in the day-to-day lives are taught. A few examples for this include brushing teeth twice a day, washing hands with soap and water and drying hands using clean towels. There’s No Greater Wealth Than Your Family’s Health

Environmental Skills: Children are taught the significance of valuing Mother Nature. Teachers in kindergartens introduce students with multiple activities such as planting seeds, watering them and so on. Additionally, they are also given simple tasks of caring for the plants they sowed till they grow into a decent size for the next steps.  

Social Skills: The social skills of children differ greatly from each other. While some are introverts, there are others who are ambiverts and also extroverts. In kindergarten, children are taught the skills to socialize with people of their own age as well as elders.

To conclude, kindergarten is the first and major step towards sculpting your child’s future. Hence, you must ensure finding the right school for your child and do complete research on the same.  Now is the time to start shopping and start preparing.  Back-to-School Buying Guide: Top 5 Items to Save Money on This Year

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3 Essential Fitness Tips For Beginners

  • June 10, 2020

3 Essential Fitness Tips For Beginners

Healthy living is one of the best decisions you can make for every aspect of your life, including your finances. Health is wealth and, indeed, life. But exercising can be one of the most difficult habits to start and maintain, especially if you are a beginner. It is even more difficult for a learner without the assistance of a trainer. So, in this article, we will take a look at some simple fitness tips for beginners.

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How to Recover from Natural Disasters

  • May 21, 2020

How to Recover from Natural Disasters

Natural disasters.

They can take many forms, from extreme weather such as storms, flooding or drought, to fires, earthquakes, and pandemics. A natural disaster can be one of the hardest things to recover from financially, simply because they are so hard to predict.

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