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How To Find Your Why And Use It As Motivation

  • July 17, 2018

how to find your why

What is your "why"?

If you've encountered any self-help book, guru, or Instagram page in the last decade, you've likely come across this question. We're obsessed with the concept of "why" we do things particularly as they relate to our so-called "passion."

The "why" is the reason -- the essence -- behind our motivation for doing the right things on a daily basis. Yet, have we ever really thought about what our "why" says about us.

Think about -- why do you really get up in the morning? Is it because you can't wait to jump out of bed, have your feet hit the floor, and start another fantastic day?

Or is it more because it's your routine, you have to fight traffic, you have a family to support, and you need to make money? Oh yeah, and the only way to make said money is to pump out another 50,000 TPS reports today?

Your "why" needs to be so much more than a cliche if you ever hope to get out that day-to-day drudgery.  The last thing you want to do is become numb to it and descend into the pit of "whatever." That's a life sentence chained to a desk from 9-to-5 you will never escape from!

What are we to do? Well, take a look at how I've reworked my life to more closely align with my "why." It will take effort on your part, but it's definitely something you can work towards every day.

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5 Of The Most Effective Ways To Maximize Workout Time In Your Schedule

Today, we have an excellent guest post on how to maximize workout time in your busy schedule -- and seamlessly transition back to the office. Love to hear your thoughts on this in the comments. Thanks!

maximize workout time

After the holidays have passed, many people make it a point to consciously be more active and healthy in the New Year. While this can be difficult to maintain with other daily commitments such as work, family, friends, etc., it is possible to achieve with enough dedication and commitment.

Change up your Diet

In order to reap the full benefits of living a more active lifestyle, making adjustments to your diet is hugely beneficial to getting those results. Even making little changes such as cutting out bread and/or pasta can make a large difference.

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5 Health Benefits Of Sleep You Need To Know

  • December 11, 2017


health benefits of sleep

Everyone looks and feels awful when they haven’t had a good night’s sleep, but the importance of sleep goes far beyond dark circles and baggy eyes. In fact, sleep is so important for your health that those who get less than five hours of sleep tend to have a shorter lifespan than those who sleep for more hours a night.

Sleep also helps to reduce stress, improve your memory, your performance, and your overall quality of life. Unfortunately, lots of people struggle to get to sleep at night, and since you’re here reading this, it’s likely that you’re one of them. Here are some things that you can try to get a good night’s rest.

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4 Of The Worst Habits That Ruin Your Back

  • November 27, 2017

habits that ruin your back

Hey, check out this contributed post today on the worst habits that ruin your back. Like your mom always said, don't slouch! Sit up straight! And let us know what you think in the comments!


Back pain is so commonplace that it borders on cliche. How many time have you shared a room with someone who’s winced and clutched their back as they’ve had to get out of a sofa or stoop under a low door frame? A lot, right?

Heck, chances are you’ve experienced your fair share of back pain yourself. And the chances are that you just shrug it off… “Meh, it’s just back pain, it’ll sort itself out”. Unfortunately this is often pretty far from the truth.

Back pain rarely comes out of nowhere, and it’s often a sign that something somewhere in your spinal column is not as it should be. Given that we owe so much of our mobility to our spine, we all need to be treating ours a little better.

The trouble is that many of us, by nature of our job or our leisure activities or just plain lack of knowledge, can develop bad habits that really don’t do our backs any favors…

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5 Ketogenic Diet Recipes That Will Make You Happy and Healthy

5 Ketogenic Diet Recipes That Will Make You Happy and Healthy

The Ketogenic Diet has everybody talking this year and I'm sure you've heard of it by now. But, with all the talk comes a lot of white noise. It's easy to get lost in it all. That's why I put together a list of the best Ketogenic Diet recipes right here.

After all, aren't we all busy enough? It's easier to just have a simple healthy plan outlined for you than to have to search for it yourself. I hope you find these Ketogenic Diet recipes useful. And, if you do lose weight as a result of trying these, please send us some before and after shots! Heck, send your meal photos as well. I'd be delighted to post them all to our social media accounts.

Here we go. Enjoy!

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Growth Mindset: 3 Ways Running Provides Mental Toughness

Do you ever wonder how the world’s elite athletes do it?

They make it look so easy. Tom Brady executes a perfectly thrown ball for a touchdown.  Usain Bolt outruns the field yet again.  Clayton Kershaw throws a pitch with pinpoint accuracy on the black for strike 3.  Phil Mickelson sinks an unlikely 30-foot putt.

What’s the secret? Well, if you ask Darren Hardy of Success Magazine, it’s about the grind:

It’s the hours in the gym that you don’t see.

It’s the thousands of balls they hit on the practice green that is not filmed.

It is the hundreds of gigs they perform in small seedy clubs for no pay.

It is the thousands of calls they make that DON’T result in a sale.

It’s the years of two-a-days in the hot sun and grinding it out in the minor leagues and doing meetings where no one shows up.

All those moments, despite the boredom and the mundaneness, they keep GRINDING!

Do yourself a favor and read the full article.  It’s worth it and incredibly motivating.

You need to consider this when you start running. It’s not about race day.  It’s about your growth as a runner.  That growth is key and it comes first with a mindset of growth.  You see, it wasn’t until I started training for my first half marathon that I began to harness the mental toughness to do another half marathon and even fathom I could finish a marathon.

In my experience, the mental toughness that produces a growth mindset is inevitably drawn from the 3 key areas I discuss below. These are important to remember as you embark on any worthwhile endeavor.  You should keep them in mind as you begin your training.

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Cultivating Discipline in All Areas of Your Life

I want to discuss a topic that may make you cringe.  Cultivating discipline.

cultivating disciplineNow, I know the word discipline itself has a bad connotation.  You hate hearing it. It harkens back to days where you were told to sit up straight in school or you would go to the principal’s (disciplinarian’s) office (at least in Catholic school).  Or your parents would discipline you by grounding you for not doing your chores or something.  Yes, discipline.

As individuals in our 20s, 30s, and 40s here, we are responsible for fostering our own discipline and mindset. Sure, our bosses could reprimand us or the cop that pulled us over can give us a ticket.  Those are forms of discipline.  But, true day in and day out responsibility and accountability comes down to cultivating discipline in ourselves and our daily routine.

Would you agree?

Here with Run The Money, I am focusing on cultivating discipline in the areas of financial health and physical health. All of these require a mature amount of discipline to not only invoke in our lives, but consistently apply to our lives.

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