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The Smart Approach to Virtual Investing

  • May 14, 2020

The Smart Approach to Virtual Investing

What's a smart approach to virtual investing look like you ask?

Investing money for long term gain is an ambition for many, but in reality, it’s carried out by very few. We can all grasp the overall concept of investing - you put money into a financial venture with the expectation that its value will increase over time, making you money. 

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How to Transition from a Physical Store to an E-commerce Site

  • May 7, 2020

How to Transition from a Physical Store to an E-commerce Site

Wondering how to transition from a physical store to an e-commerce site?

Today, more and more people take their shopping online instead of heading to a brick-and-mortar store. According to a report by the Commerce Department in 2019, online shopping grew to 12% during the year, narrowly beating sales from department stores and super-centers. With the COVID-19 outbreak, businesses are forced to close their brick-and-mortar stores, limit operations, or shut down completely.

Whether you're frustrated by the sluggish foot traffic in your brick-and-mortar store or want to continue operations despite the pandemic, shifting to e-commerce is an excellent idea.

Learn how you can transition your operations online.

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Jobs for People With Wanderlust

  • May 4, 2020

Jobs for People With Wanderlust

For many people, an annual vacation is enough to scratch that travel itch. Some of us, on the other hand, simply aren’t meant to stay in one place throughout our lives. If you spend your workdays daydreaming at your desk or wishing your commute took you somewhere more exotic, you might need a career change. Don’t fret—there are plenty of opportunities that let you travel and explore the world as you make a lucrative income. Pursue that much-needed change of scenery with these jobs for people with wanderlust.

Travel Writer

This one might seem obvious—after all, the word travel is in the name—but there’s no denying the excellent opportunities it can bring. Travel writers get to wander all over the world in pursuit of the next great review, story, or experience. You might even get discounts and other VIP treatments from resorts that are looking for a shining review from you. There are plenty of unique opportunities for travel writers. You can craft reviews, write articles for online magazines, publish works of creative non-fiction, and more. No matter what your writing style or your dream destination is, there’s a travel writing job that’s perfect for you.

English Teacher

Have you ever thought about being a teacher? Language teachers are in high demand all over the world. English is the most popular second language choice in the world, and as a native speaker, you can find work teaching it to students all around the globe. Work in full classroom settings, or teach privately as a tutor to students of all ages and backgrounds. These jobs often require special certifications, but they allow you to dive deeply into a different country and culture, making them the perfect jobs for people with wanderlust that run deeper than simply going on vacation.

Contract Truck Driver

If your preferred method of travel is the open road, you might want to consider life as a truck driver. You can explore the country from the driver’s seat, visiting all the best landmarks and quirky roadside attractions along the way. There are plenty of glorious landscapes you can see from America’s highways, which means you’ll never get bored in this job. Plus, when you become a contract truck driver, you get to choose where and when you take jobs, making you the master of your own schedule.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants help businesses with administrative, technical, or creative work. This is a remote job opportunity to begin with, which means you can do it from anywhere in the world. All you need is a reliable internet connection and phone service, and you can get through your workday from a sunny beach, gorgeous mountains, or anywhere else you roam. Traveling might even help put you in touch with new clients in various parts of the world.

Building Wealth: 6 Steps To Take Now

  • April 15, 2020

Building Wealth: 6 Steps To Take Now

You may have heard the phrase ‘building wealth’, but not feel quite sure what it means. Building wealth is more than just making money. Making money usually means going to a 9-5 job and swapping your valuable time for money. Building wealth means swapping less of your time while building the money in your bank accounts. It means having enough money to pay your bills, unexpected expenses, and even for your meals out and entertainment, not having to worry about debts. 

If you want to begin building wealth before it’s too late, read on for 6 steps to take now.

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Can Gamblers Make A Lot Of Money? The Answer Is Yes!

  • April 13, 2020

Can gamblers make a lot of money

Many people around the world love gambling. But they also know that the odds are always favorites of the house. It seems almost irrational to think that an ordinary person could make a large sum of money, let alone a salary, from gambling.

And yet, many people still dream of being able to make money from gambling. After all, it’s fun and much more exciting than most typical jobs.

Though the idea may seem far-fetched, making money from gambling may actually be more feasible than people think. But it will take time to learn the ropes and develop the skills that will allow you to start raking in the cash.

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A Lot On The Side: Ways To Expand Your Side Hustle

  • March 14, 2020

Ways To Expand Your Side Hustle

There will come a time when our side hustle isn't doing enough for us. This means that we've got to find ways to build upon it. Expanding your side hustle is a swift confirmation of having the time but also having the resources. So what can you do to ensure that you are expanding your side hustle in every single way?

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Growing Your Income: How To Get It Done!

  • March 1, 2020

Growing Your Income

How are you growing your income?

If you think that staying late after work every day is how you focus on your income, you’re not quite right! There are many out there that focus on bringing down their expenses to grow their revenue, but there are so many other solutions to consider. Sometimes, it’s far easier to go out and get more money than it is to reduce the money you’re spending.

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Ready to Start That eCommerce Business You’ve Been Thinking About? Here Are Three Considerations Before Getting Started.

  • February 29, 2020

start an ecommerce business

You have an entrepreneurial spirit, but you have not yet made the plunge into starting your own business. Now you think you are ready to dive in, and eCommerce seems like the best fit. If this sounds like you, there are some important considerations for any online startup that will help you put your best foot forward for a potentially successful business.

Invest some time and energy at the beginning in discovering what products sell well but have fewer online competitors, finding your own niche, and deciding on inventory options.

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4 Reasons Why Side Hustles Fail (And What You Can Learn From Them)

  • February 17, 2020

4 Reasons Why Side Hustles Fail

A side hustle is a wonderful way to make a little extra money. Something we could all stand to do in an era of wage repression where our employers keep our wages low to inflate their own profit margins. But more than that, a side hustle can be your liberation. It can help you to chart a path to full-time entrepreneurship and liberate you from a day job where your talents are going to waste. Still, picking up a side hustle doesn’t necessarily guarantee success. There are many chancers who assume that they will achieve success with their side hustle then abandon it the moment they feel it’s no longer worth their time.

Here we’ll look at some reasons why side hustles fail and what you can learn from them. 

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Side Hustle And Taxes: All That You Need To Know

  • February 14, 2020

Side Hustle And Taxes

Making some extra bucks is a great idea as you can spend more and improve your lifestyle. And this is not the only reason why people pursue side hustles. You get to do something you love and it makes you more confident about your skill. However, everything is not that great about earning extra money from a side hustle because you need to pay taxes on this income. After all, you are getting money in your pocket and must account for it. If you are not sure about side hustle income and taxes, here are a few facts that you need to know.

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