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Saving For Retirement in 2022: Ultimate How-To Guide

Saving For Retirement

How much money are you saving for retirement?

Yes, that's the age old personal finance and money question if there ever was one.  We all want to be given "the number" to shoot for and desire to know how close (or how far) we are to that target.

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5 Super Simple DIY Whiteboard Tutorials For Weekend Warriors

woman writing on a whiteboard wall

Have you always wanted a whiteboard in your office or kids' playroom, but didn't know how to make it happen? Well, we have 5 super simple DIY whiteboard tutorials that can give you that coveted whiteboard this weekend.

You just a few things to get started and a little time -- and you can get this done quickly. Check out the whiteboard tutorials below and create that space for your ideas, goals, or kids' artwork.

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Pay Off Debt Fast And Save Money In 2022

how to make money and pay off debt fast

People that pay off debt fast do two things very well:

First, they create a budget to understand where their money is going.

Second, they find ways to make money or increase their income to pay off debt faster.

If you need to learn how to make money and pay off debt this year, you've come to the right place.

Let's face it:

Things are hard once you reach adulthood.

You're trying to build a life for yourself and family. It's not as easy as we think.

Lay offs happen. Incomes don't always rise. Expenses just keep piling up.

And, for many, those darn student loan bills never go away.

If you keep wondering how you're going to pay off debt with no money or with a low income, you're in luck. Today, we're going to show you not only how to get rid of the debt, but budget your money for the long-term.

Then, we're going to also help you realize your ability to make more money to pay off debt, save, and live the life you want for your family. Sound like a plan?

Let's start paying off debt and making some more money then. Shall we?

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How To Make Money In 2022: Ultimate How-To Guide

how to make money if you have a disability

Do you want to learn how to make money? I'm not just talking about from your job. I'm talking about a side business or side hustle.

You can make money doing these things online, from home, and even with an injury or disability. After all, it's tough out there. We all need ways to bring in more income and we want to know how to make money fast.

Consider Steve Chou from My Wife Quit Her Job. He and his wife, Jennifer, started a few online businesses generating six figures. There first was an online store.

This was all centered around Steve's desire to learn how to make money (and more of it) to support their lifestyle so his wife could stay at home with their children. She was making six figures from her and losing that would be quite the blow.

In all honesty, that is part of the reason I started this blog. I wanted to allow my wife to stay at home with our son (and now daughter as well). It wasn't a decision we took lightly, but learning ways to make more money online has helped ease the financial pressure significantly.

We explore how to make money online (and offline) today based on research of my own and contributions from others. I hope you enjoy it and let us know if you have any questions.

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5 Awesome Eats for Your Fantasy Football Draft Party

  • August 17, 2021

delicious hot dog on a bun with cheese

Looking for awesome fantasy football draft party food?

With the excitement of another football season comes the pastime of the fantasy football draft.  And with the fantasy football draft comes (if you do it right) a kickass party everyone looks forward to each year.

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16 Songs On NFL Players’ Workout Playlists

man lifting dumbbells during workout

What's on NFL players' workout playlists? That's a question many football fans have it seems. We enjoy having a connection with our 'heroes' and it can be exciting to share a common bond (no matter how small).

In that vain, I did a little research to find some of the top songs on NFL players' workout playlists. We have the likes of John Jenkins, J.J. Watts, D.J. Fluker, Audie Cole, Richard Sherman, Terrance Knighton, Von Miller, Brandon McManus, Dane Fletcher, Chandler Jones, and even Russell Wilson and Tom Brady.

Now, picture this. You're in the off season or training camp, pumping iron or doing conditioning runs. Or you're about to come out of the tunnel to thousands of screaming fans on any given Sunday.

Pick that song below that will pump YOU up!

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Military Workout: 6 Routines You Can Try at Home

military man lifting weights

Are you courageous enough to try a military workout? How far you willing to go to get your best body?

Even though I’ve run five half marathons and one marathon, these workouts are incredibly intense.  After looking at what some of the basic training routines require a person to do, it is no wonder the United States has the best military in the world.

The training is second to none.

Now, I haven’t tried these myself yet. Frankly, aside from the running, they’re pretty intimidating and I doubt I could get through even half of one session!  That said, it would be fun to give them a try.

I have 6 military workouts below that you can try at home. Here’s how it will work.  I’ll provide a portion of the workout below along with the resource article.  This way, if you like a particular military workout, you can check out where to get the full routine.

See if you have what it takes. Let’s go, plebe!

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Best Half Marathon Playlist: 36 Songs That’ll Pump Up Your Next Run

Best Half Marathon Playlist - Girl about to run with headphones on

Do you have a playlist of songs that just pumps you up?

You know what I'm talking about.  Maybe you're having a great day and the sun is out.  You put the windows down and crank it up as you drive along.

If you're a runner or are working your way to becoming one, I consider a great playlist a must.  When the training runs get long, you need that little something that picks you up and gives you that extra push.

Here's some suggestions for your play list as you work hard on your body and get healthy

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5 Essential Skills to Build Your Child’s Future that are taught in Kindergarten

  • September 2, 2020

There comes a certain age in your child’s life when they start doing stuff, at least a few, on their own. This can start with walking and eating to being able to study the things around them. When such an age is reached, parents must start to plan their education. Today, there are multiple platforms that offer kids an extremely fun way to learn. Kindergarten happens to be that first step where parents admit their child for his or her bright future.

In kindergarten, there are different levels where children of different age groups are admitted. Then accordingly, their levels are upgraded based on the skills they develop. Their learning of how to strengthen their social skills, understand the surroundings and many more plays a major role in the same. The programs and eligibility may differ from one kindergarten to another even in the same region. Hence, it is always wise that you do good research on the same first and only then get an admission for your child.

What Skills to Expect from your Child in Kindergarten?

Throughout the session in a kindergarten, your child will be busy with activities and lessons of a wide background. Each study contributes towards enhancing and developing him or her for both his personal and professional fronts. So, here are the 5 changes that you can expect from your kid who has started or will start going to the kindergarten:

Reading Skills: You may not expect your child to be very fluent in reading words, but you will be proud to find how he or she recognizes them easily. They will learn word families, letter sounds and rhyme one word with another.

Behavior Skills: Almost every kindergarten teaches its students to improve their behavioral skills. The professionals at Montessori suggest this study to be a significant factor in shaping the different stages of a child’s life. They learn how to speak when in public areas, how to respond to elders, the importance of sharing and in the later stage, handle conflicts.

Healthy Habits: The basics of how to keep the body healthy and the various steps to be taken in the day-to-day lives are taught. A few examples for this include brushing teeth twice a day, washing hands with soap and water and drying hands using clean towels. There’s No Greater Wealth Than Your Family’s Health

Environmental Skills: Children are taught the significance of valuing Mother Nature. Teachers in kindergartens introduce students with multiple activities such as planting seeds, watering them and so on. Additionally, they are also given simple tasks of caring for the plants they sowed till they grow into a decent size for the next steps.  

Social Skills: The social skills of children differ greatly from each other. While some are introverts, there are others who are ambiverts and also extroverts. In kindergarten, children are taught the skills to socialize with people of their own age as well as elders.

To conclude, kindergarten is the first and major step towards sculpting your child’s future. Hence, you must ensure finding the right school for your child and do complete research on the same.  Now is the time to start shopping and start preparing.  Back-to-School Buying Guide: Top 5 Items to Save Money on This Year

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7 of the Best Waterfront Destinations to Own Real Estate

  • September 9, 2019

7 of the Best Waterfront Destinations to Own Real Estate

If you’re looking to invest in a vacation home, it may be a good idea to look into beach homes. Beachfront properties, or those close to the ocean, never go out of style. Don’t limit yourself to the United States, either—as more and more people travel and book vacation rental homes, you could end up making a big profit from renting out your place. Below, we list some of the best waterfront destinations to own real estate around the world—check them out!

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