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How to Prepare for Common Travel Emergencies

  • June 30, 2020

How to Prepare for Common Travel Emergencies

For many of us, travel is more than a hobby or a way to experience new things. Travel is often an essential part of meeting the needs of our businesses or making extra money. Unexpected travel emergencies can throw a very costly wrench into our plans, though, making travel less cost-effective and eating up our time and resources in the process. Knowing how to prepare for common travel emergencies beforehand is the best way to save our money, time, and sanity when we hit these bumps in the road.

Lost or Stranded—Give Someone Else Your Itinerary

There is always a chance of getting lost or stranded when you are traveling somewhere new. The bigger risk is being lost or stranded without the means to contact help. The best way to prepare for this possibility is to give at least two people a copy of your itinerary or, if you are traveling with a more general schedule, let two people know about your plans for the day. Check in with these people regularly. If something happens to you, these individuals will be aware of where you were and where you were supposed to be, so they’ll be able to contact help right away.

Roadside Disasters—Make Sure Your Vehicle Is in Ship Shape

Having your car break down or getting a flat tire is always frustrating and can be extremely expensive. Before going on long car trips, take your vehicle in for an inspection. Taking care of minor fixes while the car is still running is always cheaper than needing to do major repairs later. Investing in a good roadside assistance package is another way to be sure you have a backup plan in the case of these and other minor roadside issues, such as a battery dying or locking your keys in your car.

Protect Your Valuables—Objects and Information

Keeping your valuables like your phone, computer, or wallet safe is crucial during travel, but it’s good to have a plan for if your best efforts fail and your things get stolen. It’s a good idea to record the essential information about your devices, such as the serial number and IEMI number, somewhere where you can access them. Setting up tracking for your phone and laptop before you leave will also increase the likelihood of being able to recover them if they are stolen or misplaced.

But it’s more than the objects that are vulnerable to theft. Having a plan in place to protect from identity theft is also important. Consider reducing the number of important cards in your wallet when you travel, and familiarize yourself with how to remotely wipe your phone and laptop before you leave, just in case you need to clear your devices.

Travel can become expensive, but expenses drastically increase when you factor in travel mishaps. By taking precautions and knowing how to prepare for common travel emergencies before you have them, you minimize their financial impact and ensure your trip goes far more smoothly.

The Dallas Cowboys Offseason

  • May 14, 2020

The Dallas Cowboys Offseason

The NFL Draft recently took place and without any live sports on TV, the NFL didn’t have much competition for viewers, bringing in a record 55 million fans who were eager to see what would happen to their favorite team. This includes America’s Team, the Dallas Cowboys. The offseason is a time for many people to plan their trips to see games in the fall. This includes Dallas Cowboys ticket packages and hotels. Many people were tuned in to see what the Cowboys would do and the draft did not disappoint!

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A Walk Down Memory Lane: Summertime in the Philippines

  • April 9, 2020

Summertime in the Philippines

There's no doubt about it. Summertime is definitely here. You can feel it in the air and the warmth of the weather. It's getting a lot warmer nowadays that it makes it especially harder being stuck at home under quarantine.

However, that doesn't necessarily make it a bad thing. Because for most of us who grew up in the '80s and '90s, this was the norm for us. Just chilling at home and getting a good balance of relaxation and playtime.

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3 Tips For Your Next Family Road Trip

  • March 24, 2020

3 Tips For Your Next Family Road Trip

There’s nothing quite like that feeling when you’ve been working your tail off and then the day finally comes for a nice family vacation. Some time off is essential for your work/ life balance, and it’s also just good for the soul. Naturally, you want your vacation to go perfectly. Here are a few trip tips for perfecting your next family road trip.

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Fun in the South: Be Welcome in Bacoor and Imus

  • February 12, 2020

Bacoor and Imus

When you see a sign that says "preselling house and lot in Cavite" and you are from Manila, you might think twice about considering it. You might be thinking that it is a far-off province, but it is quite the contrary. One of the main business districts in the National Capital Region, Makati, is very accessible to Cavitenos. And just the same, if you are coming from Manila and plan on visiting, you have options as a commuter.

There are many destinations you can go to when you are in Cavite. But it's best for you to know these two cities that will greet you first-Bacoor and Imus.

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Why It’s “More Fun” to Live and Retire in the Philippines

  • January 21, 2020

retire in the Philippines

Everyone has different reasons for retirement. Some have to unwillingly stop working due to health issues or compulsory retirement policies. There are others who need to retire since they are already burned out or tired of doing the same job for many years. Some have to retire early to care for a loved one, while are others are lucky enough to be financially able to retire early.

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