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This Is How Vacasa Makes Earning Extra Money With Your Vacation Rental So Easy

This Is How Vacasa Makes Earning Extra Money With Your Vacation Rental So Easy

Are you trying to earn extra money? Sure, who isn't? Well, Vacasa can make earning extra money with your vacation rental so stupid simple. Check out how in today's contributed post.


In July 2018, Vacasa, the largest manager of vacation rental homes in the U.S., launched a real estate arm to elevate local vacation rental real estate into the national investment spotlight. The move simplifies the vacation rental investment process by creating a one-stop-shop for buying, selling, managing and learning about income properties. That’s a big deal for investors in the rapidly changing global vacation rental industry, which is expected to grow to $194 billion by 2021.

Here are five reasons Vacasa’s real estate program will change the vacation rental real estate game.Read more

How To Cut The Costs When Finding A New House

cut the costs when finding a new house

There are a ton of things people dread about moving out -- especially the money. Learn how to cut the costs when finding a new house.


There are lots of things that people dread about moving home. First of all, the biggest worry is usually about moving day itself.

There is a lot of work that needs to be done, and many people are always anxious about how stressful it might get. If you only have one day to move, you might find it extra stressful as your deadline to move all your stuff might be especially tight.

One of the other main worries that people have when it comes to moving is the expense. There is no denying that buying a new home and shipping all of your belongings can be very costly indeed.

Thankfully, though, there are ways to bring down the cost. Read on to find out more!Read more

A Little Boost To Your Income

a little boost to your income

Want a little boost to your income? Today's contributed post shows you how! 


Do you feel as though you’re struggling to get by on the income that you have? Or do you just want that little bit of extra money to help you in life, so that you don’t constantly have to feel like you’re watching what you’re spending?

Or, perhaps you’re struggling to clear a little bit of debt that’s playing on your mind. Whatever your reason might be, you’re not the only one who is trying to do this. In fact, a lot of people are in desperate need of boosting their income due to the price of living costs, poor wages, and the lack of jobs that seem to be available at the minute.

But, boosting your income isn’t as hard as you might think, and there are some simple ways that you can give it a go, without having to leave your day job. Of course, one of our suggestions is going to be that you find a higher paid job, but we understand how hard these are to actually find.

So, we want to try and show you how you can boost your income, ease your life, and put your worries onto something else for once. Have a read on to find out more.Read more

3 Things You Need To Know About The High Stakes Housing Market

high stakes housing market

Do you have a home to sell? Want to get a quick sale? You need to check out today's contributed post on the high stakes housing market. Learn what you don't already know!


When it comes to house selling, most of us don’t think twice about pursuing the standard market. You know the drill: real estate agents, for sale signs, and endless viewings. All the usual stuff. In fact, many of us don’t even consider there’s an alternative.

In reality though, buy for cash companies like the one found at are fast changing the face of the housing market. Real estate agents are no longer the only option. What's more, many homeowners are making the most of this fact.

Admittedly, fast sale sites often involve taking a hit on price. Hence why many are still reluctant to make the switch. But, even the traditional housing market is now a high-risk place from a financial angle. As such, taking that initial hit might not be such a bad thing. To prove that point, let’s consider the high-stakes you face if you opt to sell the standard way.Read more

Here’s What You Need To Know About Android & iOS

Here's What You Need To Know About Android & iOS

Trying to learn more about Android & iOS? In today's contributed post, app developer ALT Agency discusses what you need to know to understand both systems. See other posts by ALT Agency here.


New to Android or iOS?  No worries!  Here is our total guide for beginners of both systems so begin reading and start learning.Read more

This Is How You Make Money With Your Mobile App

make money with your mobile app

Want to make money with your mobile app? In today's contributed post, the folks from the web design company ALT Agency discuss how to start generating revenue with your company's mobile app. See other posts by ALT Agency here.


Getting your new mobile app designed, built and launched is not the only thing that you need to do for your business.  For the moment, the excitement of having your unique mobile app out there and enabling you to interact with your customers may be at the forefront of your mind, but take a step back. Add one new word to the equation:  Money!

You can make your mobile app even better and extremely profitable if you take the time to monetize it.  Not only is it a tool that markets your brand; it can become a serious source of income for your business.Read more

7 Reasons You Need A Mobile App For Your Business

7 Reasons You Need A Mobile App For Your Business

Thinking about whether you need a mobile app for your company? In today's contributed post, the app development team ALT Agency discusses 7 reasons you need a mobile app for your business and how to get started. See other posts by ALT Agency here.


Does your business have a mobile app yet? If not, are you thinking of creating one?  Before you do, it is best to be clear on the reasons why you need a mobile app.  After all, having the use of a powerful app is not going to be as useful as it should if you are not clear on what to do with it!

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that it’s only the big brands that can benefit from having a mobile app in place.  SMEs can just as easily follow the trend, making use of the fact that a great mobile strategy encompasses far more than just a website that is mobile friendly.

Think about businesses that you interact with on a personal basis.  How many of them have their own mobile app?  Places such as your favourite barber shop or restaurant can be way ahead of their competitors when it comes to kicking their marketing up a notch via an app.

So that you can be fully informed, here is our take on 7 reasons why you need a mobile app.  Once you have digested these, feel free to add some of your own at the end!Read more

4 Lifestyle Changes You Need To Make To Live Healthy

4 lifestyle changes you need to make today

Want to live a happier, more fulfilled life? You need to stay active and fit. Today's contributed post talks about 4 lifestyle changes you need to make today.


You have to do as much as possible to make sure you are living a healthy and happy life. These days there is much more of a focus on healthy living, and that is definitely a good thing. You have to make sure you are trying to be a little more healthy when it comes to the way you live your life and the things you do to achieve happiness. The fact is that anyone can become healthier, it just takes work to achieve.

Make sure you take stock of the way you are living your life right now, and this is something you have to make sure you focus on. There are a lot of things that you need to think about when it comes to living right, and you have to think about the lifestyle changes you need to make if you are serious about being more healthy. There are a lot to think about, but these are 4 of the best you should consider right now. Read more

5 Best Tips Freelancers Need To Know About Networking

5 Best Tips Freelancers Need To Know About Networking

Are you a freelancer? Writer? Blogger? Artist? Graphic designer? Branding specialist? Fitness trainer? Today's contributed post discusses 5 tips freelancers need to know about networking.


Starting out as a freelancer or as a small business can be a daunting prospect. You may begin working on your passion project as a side hustle, creating a secure base on which to build your practice. But once you finally take the plunge to commit yourself full-time to striking out on your own, you have to give yourself every advantage to get by.

One art form you need to master is how to promote yourself through networking. It will be the primary source of new clients when you’re getting started and building a reputation. In this post, we’ll cover some of the essential points on how to network as a freelancer or small business owner.Read more

How To Plan A Romantic Occasion On A Budget

how to plan a romantic occasion on a budget

Got an anniversary or spouse's birthday coming up? Or do you just want a date night without the kids? Either way, today's contributed post discusses how to plan a romantic occasion on a budget. Enjoy!


There are always going to be special occasions in your life, whether it’s a seasonal celebration, a birthday, or an anniversary. Planning out a romantic celebration for these isn’t always easy, particularly if you have a strict budget to stick to.

However, there are plenty of nice things you can do to show how much someone means to you. Some milestones, such as a 50th birthday, are simply too important not to celebrate, regardless of how much you have to spend. In this post, we’ll look at how to plan a romantic occasion on a budget, and suggest some cost-friendly ideas. Read more

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