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Tips For Coping With Financial Stress

  • May 7, 2021

Financial stress can emerge from a variety of reasons from you losing your job to going through a divorce. It doesn’t matter the cause, what matters is how you handle and cope with the stress that will come from these types of situations.

Financial stress is never fun and may begin to take a toll on you if you’re not careful. Therefore, you must find ways to manage and reduce your stress and worry and find solutions that will help you get to a better place. Use these tips to help you cope with financial stress so you can clear your mind and begin to move forward in a positive direction.

Be Honest & Realistic

One tip for coping with financial stress is, to be honest and realistic with yourself about the situation. Lying to yourself or ignoring the issues won’t make them go away and could cause you more problems in the long run. Face what you’re going through head-on and look at the facts. Try to stay positive and avoid getting on an emotional rollercoaster and instead use logic to problem solve.

Educate Yourself & Seek Legal Advice

You may also want to consider seeking advice from a lawyer such as Marcia Silva who specializes in helping clients through sticky and tough situations. For instance, you may find yourself dealing with issues such as paying child support, equitable distribution, and alimony and need help and guidance. Educate yourself and put your trust in a lawyer so you can tell your side of the story and not only be heard but hopefully come to a fair and reasonable resolution. It’s one of the best ways to protect yourself and ways to give yourself a fighting chance at relieving some of your financial stress.  

Make A Plan

You can also cope with financial stress by coming up with a plan of action for tackling the problem at hand. Brainstorm possible solutions that will help you overcome your financial challenges and work your way toward building a brighter and more secure future. Identify what needs the most attention and will help you get back on track with your money. Be willing to work hard and dedicate time and energy to making changes that will improve your situation and help you feel better fast. Taking small steps in the right direction is key to your success.

Take Care of Yourself

Financial stress may take a toll on your mental and physical health over time. Therefore, you must commit to taking good care of yourself and finding ways to boost your mood even though you’re stressed out. You may find exercising and meditating to be helpful as you work your way into a better headspace. You want to avoid letting your stress take over and making decisions that will get you into even more financial trouble because you’re not thinking clearly. Do what you can each day and then get a good night’s sleep and review your financial goals when you wake up in the morning to keep the matter top of mind for you.

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4 Home Loan Programs For Military Members And Veterans

  • April 30, 2021


All qualified military members and veterans of the United States (US) armed services may avail of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Home Loan programs. VA-backed loan programs can help military members, veterans, and their families to create, refurnish, and renovate a house. 

Choosing A Loan Program

The VA home program for military members and veterans doesn’t exempt them from the requirement of providing proof of income and the required credit score to avail of a loan. What it does, though, is they can get better conditions compared with what they could with a traditional lending system from a mortgage firm, bank, or federal credit union. Here are the available programs:

VA Home Loan Program

The VA home loan program is already more than 75 years old, and it can be availed of to buy, to build, or to refinance a home. It can be taken by almost all service members and veterans as long as they’re not disqualified. It can save the borrowers tens of thousands of dollars compared with home loans from commercial banks.

One of the biggest advantages of the VA home loan program is you don’t have to make an initial payment when you buy a home as long as your loan doesn't exceed the loan limits. But even the advantage has been expanded further by a new law removing any limits for any veterans who are eligible for the full VA loan entitlement.

In 2019, the Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Act was passed into law, removing the loan limit maximums previously imposed on veterans in some parts of the country. 

Before the Blue Water Navy Law, borrowers were able to get higher loan amounts. But because of the bounds on the amount the VA could guarantee, the borrowers who exceeded the limits were required to make a down payment equivalent to 25% of the portion of the loan which represented the excess of the sales price from the maximum availability.

Different VA Loan Types

Various VA loan types are being offered to eligible military members and veterans. Here are some of them:

Purchase Loan

A purchase loan is a VA-backed loan helping a military member or veteran looking to purchase a loan and to get terms better than those being offered by any private-lending loan. 

Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loan (IRRRL)

If you have an existing VA loan, you can avail of the Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loan (IRRRL). This loan program can help you decrease your payments through a change in the interest rate structure of your VA-backed loan or by getting a refinance of your current home mortgage loan.

Native American Direct Loan (NADL) Program

The Native American Direct Loan (NADL) program is offered to Native Americans who are eligible military members or veterans of the US armed services. They can take a loan under the program to have a home on federal land.

Cash-out Refinance Loan

If you’re a military member or a veteran and you’ve already paid a significant sum of money on your home loan, you can avail of the cash-out refinance loan program out of the equity from your VA-backed loan. Most borrowers use this to pay debts, school tuition fees, or to make further home improvements.

State-based Home Loan Programs

Aside from the VA Home Loan Programs, several American states are also offering home-loan programs to both current and former service members of the US armed forces.

Eligibility rules differ from one state to another, and the requirements sometimes differ, too. Most state programs include limits on income and prices of property. Some states also impose other requirements which have nothing to do with military service.

There are state-based veteran housing benefits in the following states:

  • Alaska, California, Nevada, New York, Texas, Washington
  • Indiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Oregon, Wisconsin
  • Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, Tennessee, Utah
  • Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania

Even surviving spouses can avail of a VA home loan program. A new law has extended the VA loan eligibility to the surviving spouses of military members and veterans of the US armed services.

The Honoring America’s Veterans and Caring for Camp Lejeune Families Act (H.R. 1627) has made the widows and surviving spouses of military members and veterans, eligible for VA direct and VA-backed home loans. The new law qualifies the surviving spouse as long as the veteran was rated disabled and eligible for compensation before dying. The death can be of whatever cause. 

VA Program For Homeless Veterans

The VA also has a separate program for veterans who are homeless or who are at imminent risk of homelessness. If you know a homeless veteran or already at imminent risk of becoming homeless, you can tell them to contact the National Call Center for Homeless Veterans for assistance. They have a toll-free number (877) 4AID-VET (877-424-3838). In this way, they can be properly accommodated and taken care of.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for the VA Home Loan programs, borrowers must meet the following requirements:

  • Certificate of Eligibility (COE)
  • Credit Score which qualifies for a home loan. Military members and veterans don’t need to have a perfect credit score. Borrowers who had credit scores of somewhere between 680, 700, and 720, were able to get VA loans and VA-backed loans with substantially lower interest rates. On average, VA borrowers obtain a credit score above 700. This is higher than those of most average civilian borrowers.
  • There are different service requirements, depending on the service branch of the borrower, the years in active-duty service, years in service including those in the Reserves or National Guard, and days of active service during peacetime.

Housing The Heroes

The VA Home Loan program was designed to help military members and veterans of the US armed services get a home loan. The programs are intended to make it as easy as possible for all qualified military members and veterans to get an affordable home mortgage loan. Some of its most advantageous features include no down payment, low interest rates, and low monthly payments.

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Considerations to Make When Looking for a Security Guard Service Provider

  • April 26, 2021

The importance of security to a business or home cannot be overstressed. To ensure that your business is secure, you will need to hire a security firm to provide you with security guards to provide your building and other security services that will meet all the protection needs you need.

Supposing you have decided to hire a security service provider to offer protection services to your business needs, it is important to know that you will find several security firms in the market; you need to consider many aspects about a service provider to find the best company. Here are important considerations to make to land the best Security Guards Services Huntsville


Professionalism level

Good security firms are usually very protective of their reputations so that they may not ruin their business reputation, so when you ask the people they offer services to, you will hear good things about them. Most of them will be happy to provide you with their client's reference, but you can also search online about them, and you will find plenty of information that you need about them.

Another aspect of professionalism you need to look out for is how the companies present themselves. Please take a good look at how their security guards dress. When they are smartly dressed, it gives a clear indication that the company is run properly.

Staff training and recruitment

The security firm's personnel as guards are the real key when it comes to giving the company a contract. These are the people who will access and take care of your business. Ensure that you make the right decision regarding the company you hire. Before you hire a company, ask the entire necessary question that you need answers to, a good company with the right motivations will not object to your questions and will provide you with all the answers you need. Please find out the level of training that their guards have undergone and the professional certification they attain.

Registration, licensing, and insurance

Another important consideration to make is to have a discussion with the company that will provide you services are paperwork. Find out from the home office about all the approved security firms to determine which company you can rely on. Ensure that they have all the necessary licenses to deploy security personnel to your business. Also, find out if they are properly insured to avoid all the risks that might come if an unforeseen event occurs at your business that you might be forced to pay for because the security guards are not insured.

Service fee

As the old saying goes, you can only get what you pay for. A reliable company that will offer you quality services will not be cheap as they are likely to provide you with clear information. It would be best to find out from the company how they cater for their guard's salaries. When their staff is not happy about their pay, it can pose a danger to your business.

Finally, ensure that you research well about a service provider to get the best that you can have trust to work with to ensure your business's safety.


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Tips To Make Your Money Go Further In 2021

  • April 22, 2021

We all want to try and make more money in life, right? Money can’t always bring you the happiness you’re after, but it can certainly provide more for you in life. So when it comes to your current financial situation, what could you do to improve it? Here are some helpful tips to make your money go further in 2021.

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4 Ways To Make Money In Your Free Time

  • April 15, 2021

If you’ve been busy from the sun up until nighttime, you might think making extra money in your spare time isn’t possible for you anymore. After all, you have your full-time job, along with cooking dinner and getting some household chores done. However, whether you’re a student, a stay-at-home mom, or a company worker, you can still make money in your free time.

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4 Financial Tips For Young Adults

  • April 13, 2021

You have your whole future ahead of you as a young adult. You might be doing fairly well financially but want to know how to ensure you have financial freedom in the future as well.

What you do or don’t do with your money now does have an impact on the days ahead. Personal finance is a topic that should be taken seriously if you want to live a comfortable and secure lifestyle. Be prepared to work hard and focus on modifying your habits a bit so you can get and stay ahead.

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Investment Ideas You Can Use to Make Money in the Future

  • April 7, 2021


The world of investing has so often seemed unattainable to so many people, and there are a lot of things that you have to make the most of when it comes to improving your financial freedom. Investing is one of the most effective steps you can take that is going to allow you to make money and set yourself up well for the future. Come up with ideas that will allow you to focus on this, and take things to the next level as much as possible. 

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How to Prevent Mesothelioma

  • March 30, 2021


Mesothelioma is a scary form of cancer. Every year, there are nearly 3,000 people diagnosed with cancer. In the majority of cases, these patients have a life expectancy of about one year after diagnosis, making it an aggressive and scary form of cancer.

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4 Ways Your Life Changes if Your Spouse Dies

  • March 14, 2021

When you marry someone, you typically hear the person performing the ceremony say, “till death do you part.” The insinuation is that you agree with your partner that you will be with them until one of you passes away. It’s tradition to have the minister or whoever else is marrying you say that, but you probably don’t like thinking about it much.

The reality is that you will, in fact, be together till death parts you unless you divorce each other. You have legally tied yourselves together since marriage is a formal declaration that you have committed yourselves to one another.

You’re both probably hoping that death, when it does come for one of you, does not occur for many, many years. But what if it occurs sooner than you expected? Let’s look at four of the ways your life will likely change if such a tragic event happens.

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5 Helpful Tips for when You’re Building Your Real Estate Portfolio

  • March 2, 2021

How to Choose the Right Real Estate Agent

If you are starting to invest in real estate, you may be looking to expand your investment portfolio into a fully developed operation. If you maximise the value of your investments early on in the process, you may find that this can happen fairly quickly. Here are 5 things you can do to help create a successful real estate portfolio. 

Make Sure Your Portfolio is Diverse

Fortunately, trading in real estate is generally considered one of the safer forms of investment. It can thus be a great, stable way of increasing your income. However, just because it is low-risk does not mean there aren’t potential pitfalls to watch out for. Housing is as sensitive to the volatilities of the market like any other asset. As such, prices can rise or fall based on the economy. To protect yourself against this, you should make sure your property portfolio is sufficiently diverse. This means that you should try to invest in a mixture of property types and locations. This should prevent scenarios where all your investments substantially drop in value. For example, hotels and other holiday properties are season-dependent, and often the first things sold when economic downturns hit. As such, they are generally more sensitive to market fluctuations than other types of real estate. Thus, investing in residential properties as well will give you some protection against drops in value, since their value is generally more stable.

Defer Tax Payments to Make More Investments

If you are just starting out, you may notice that taxes, loan re-payments and other expenses are prohibiting you from investing in more property. Luckily, federal laws allow for deferral of tax payments in some situations. Using this can give you more capital in the short-term which you can then use to expand your investment portfolio. 1031 exchanges are the primary means of doing this, and are currently very popular in real estate. If you sell a property, and then buy a property of equal or greater value within 45 days, you will not be required to pay tax on the original sale for 180 days. This practice can then be repeated as many times as needed. This can be a great way to allow you to continue building your operation in the short-term. However, you should give yourself an overview of 1031 exchange rules before doing so, as the rules which allow you to keep deferring payment are quite specific. 

Look for Listings Everywhere

Commercial real estate agents and online housing marketplaces can be a great place to get an overview of the housing market in your chosen location. However, if you are looking to find the best value investments out there, you should expand your search to include more obscure places for listings. Foreclosure auctions, for example, can be a great place to snag a deal on a property at far less than market value. However, this strategy can be risky as the properties often need extensive renovations before being resold. Local newspaper listings can also be a good place to find deals which are not being advertised nationally. Finally, the best deals can often be leveraged when dealing with distressed sellers. These types of seller often prioritise the speed of the sale over maximising their profit. If you can identify these sellers prior to them putting the house on the market, it is likely you will yield a very high profit. 

Time Your Investments Wisely

As with trading anything else, timing is everything when it comes to successfully investing in real estate. It is thus important to keep an eye on the fluctuations of the market, and make your investments when it is most profitable to do so. Ideally, you should pull the trigger when you notice  growth in the area you’re investing in that the market hasn’t yet corrected for. Naturally, this also applies to when you should decide to sell your property. You should make sure you do not overreact to one small piece of data or news though, as there are many variables which factor into the rise and fall of real estate prices. 

Use Digital Resources to Your Advantage

As previously alluded to, data is key in identifying market trends, and market trends should then dictate your investment strategy. Given the difficulties of gathering and finding this data, this fact previously meant that large investment firms and real estate companies had a sizeable advantage over individuals. However, in recent times, the advent of online real estate platforms has created a much more level playing field. These websites collect scores of marketing data that can be invaluable for helping investors find which real estate to target. This information can also be used to calculate what you should sell your investments for. 

Data is not the only advantage of using digital resources for real estate investment, however. Software can now track the performance of your properties, so you can see how your investments are doing in real-time. As such, digital tools are of vital importance for when you’re developing your real estate portfolio. 


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