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How To Have A Cheaper Valentine’s Day This Year

  • January 17, 2018

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We have a rather romantic contributed post today on how to have a cheaper Valentine's Day. Save money, but still have a great time with your Valentine! Win-win I'd say! Let us know how you're spending V-day in the comments.

cheaper valentines day

It’s almost that time of the year again where we spend a whole day telling our other half how we feel about them and showing them how much we love them. Valentine’s Day is a holiday which people have been celebrating for hundreds of years, and it is often seen as the most romantic day of the entire year.

However, Valentine's Day can also be rather expensive sometimes. During these first few months after Christmas, many of us are in debt or considering credit consolidation to take care of our money. So, spending money on an expensive date or a romantic getaway is the least of your priorities.

There are luckily some ways that you can enjoy this time of the year without breaking the bank. You can still show each other how much you love the other without having to fork out a ton of money for the pleasure. Instead of going away for the weekend or booking a table in the most extravagant restaurant you can, why not spend some quality time together at home?

Decorate your home and make it a romantic setting

It might seem like staying at home is the last thing you want to do for a romantic date, but your home can be the most romantic setting of all. You could decorate the home on the morning before you partner wakes up with rose petals, candles and lay out a bouquet of roses and a card on the kitchen table. Flowers might not be the cheapest, but it will be a cute touch to your day.

Reminisce about great times gone by and do something fun together

Spend the day visiting the places you used to go when you first started dating. If the weather is sunny outside you could even go out for an adventure to the first place you ever walked together. Go for a hike, take your bikes and cycle around and bring a few snacks to eat as you sit in the grass.

Once you have spent the day outside, you will both need some food and warming up. Take the opportunity to run a hot bath and take a romantic soak together. Listen to your favorite romantic songs and relax in each others company for a while before dinner.

cheaper valentines day

Still dress up, but stay in for a delicious meal

For your date, have some fun and dress up as if you were going out to eat, but stay in instead! Light some candles, get the music going and cook your favorite meal together. Things might get a little bit messy but who cares? As long as you and your partner are having fun, nothing else matters.

Have a wine and movie night

Finish off your evening watching your favorite movies and talking all through the night. Crack open the posh bottle of wine you were gifted at Christmas and rediscover everything you love about the other person.

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate your relationship, so make it your own and do what you most love to do together. If you can’t afford to go out you can still make a romantic day and night in the comfort of your own home!