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Have a Healthy Business By Choosing a Successful Industry

  • July 18, 2019

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Have a Healthy Business By Choosing a Successful Industry

Not all that long ago, you literally jumped out of bed excited for your day to start. Starting a business was a great decision. All that changed when your business took a nosedive. An accumulation of challenges and problems upended your health and your business.

You want to run a business that's financially successful and doesn't derail your well-being. What's the solution?

Find out which ones are the most profitable businesses, research what industries already excel in the marketplace and pick one. Then, pursue your business and health goals simultaneously because your chances to succeed will take a positive upturn.

Here's how two business owners did an about-face. They switched from owning unprofitable businesses to most profitable businesses in order to balance business and personal goals.

A Small Investment can Help You Embrace Profitability

Mary is a designer and has always been comfortable behind a camera. Unfortunately, within 18 months of striving to succeed, she acquired more debts than income.

Those stacks of unpaid bills keept her awake at night causing her health to suffer.

She was tired and cranky, but pressed through the discouragement and decided to start a website design company. Mary routinely gets compliments about her current photography website which she designed herself. She can tap into her creative side and make money while employing her design skills.

Mary has an extensive database of photography clients, and she notified them about her new business venture. Five clients (friends and business associates)

She got a microloan to start fresh and pay off creditors. Within a few months, Mary had a growing list of potential clients that wanted her to design their websites as soon as possible. She even started thinking of hiring an assistant to keep up.

She kept her photography business to enjoy a second stream of income. She made one change. Clients must give her a down payment to cover costs.

Now she has no more business problems and her stress levels have gone way down. She can say she’s truly happy.

Success is Only Real Success if You’re Happy

Then there's Thomas. When he's not peddling his wares on his E-commerce site, he trains for marathon races.

His income is barely enough to give him the life he wants, and that stresses him and even distracts his while he’s running. Because he's passionate about running, he needs to manage a business which allows him to earn money while pursuing physical and health goals while having peace of mind.

He remembers that friends always ask him for help to set up their social media sites. By becoming a paid social media consultant, he can help others market their personal and business platforms and still train for marathons.

He has a friend that owns a successful business and was kinf enough to help him by sending their customers a survey to see if they need a consultant. Within a few weeks, Thomas has 10 new clients to help promote their businesses.

Thomas already has a computer, internet services, and a comfortable workspace. In the end, this new venture gives him enough peace of mind so that he can run without a worry in the world.

You Can Have a Healthy Business and Personal Life Too

When your professional and personal lives scream for something different, it's a good idea to make a change as Mary and Thomas did.

They went from, "What am I going to do?" to " Why didn't I find out about most profitable businesses sooner?"

Does that feel like your story too?

If so, review the list of most profitable businesses and see which one seems like a good match. You'll also find out which businesses to stay away from because they aren't normally successful.

Like other entrepreneurs, you may decide to run a profitable business along with getting a gym membership. Sounds like fun, doesn't it?