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Claims and Denials in the Insurance Industries

  • November 30, 2018

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Insurance claims are not always straightforward activities. There are many different kinds of insurance, and there are many kinds of contexts that those insurance niches operate in. And, for every possibility of getting your insurance claim approved, there is an equal possibility of that claim being denied for one of a million different reasons.

Because of these uncertainties, you should do as much research as possible about the insurance industry that may most affect you, and you should do it before some sort of time constraint shows up that you have. A few examples of times where you might want to research insurance opportunities in advance include dealing with disability claims, disaster area claims, and workplace claims.

Disability Claims

If you're trying to make a disability claim to an insurance company, there are lots of ways that they can figure out to deny you. Insurance companies aren't out there to help you. They are out there to make money. They need to make sure that the number of claims that they pay out to is less than the money that they are getting in from their overall client base. It's essential that you never forget that that equation is in place as you're making your particular claim.

Disaster Area Claims

How many disasters are happening all around the world right now? There are hurricanes, floods, fires, mudslides, droughts, and everything in between. Because best, the insurance that people have for disasters is a functional pivot point in their lives. Either they have the protection and can claim it and get the money, or some other set of situations is present that they either don't have the right insurance or don't go through the proper claiming procedures. Insurance companies are going to be very specific if they owe a lot of money to a lot of people in a similar area at the same time.

Claims Inside the Workplace

Then there is the matter of insurance claims inside a workplace. Initially, you could consider this some variation of Worker's Compensation that may have to be dealt with. Other times, related to the idea of insurance would be employee claims of toxic workplaces, sexual harassment, or racial impropriety. Allegations and denials of these matters can come down to very small and specific facts, so researching ahead of time is advisable.

Paperwork Can Create the Issues

In the end, a lot of insurance claims that ultimately get rejected are denied because of paperwork being filled out incorrectly, or proof not being presented at the appropriate time to the appropriate people. You have to have a long paper trail to prove many insurance claims, and there also needs to be a very clear focus on doing everything as per instructions.