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Common Mistakes New Brewery Owners Make

  • December 21, 2022

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Common Mistakes New Brewery Owners Make

Brewing beer is an undeniably complex process. Mistakes will happen along the way more often than you’d like them to, but those mistakes allow you to learn and grow. Here are a few common mistakes new brewery owners make that you should take note of before you begin.

Always Treat Your Water First

No matter what, you should always use clean, treated water when brewing. Because creating alcohol requires the liquid inside the vessel to ferment, the ingredients must sit for long periods. If bacteria, chemicals, or metals are present, it could offset the beer’s flavor or ruin it altogether. Using unclean water could also make a product that is not fit for human consumption. This issue is one of many common beer fermentation mistakes that you can easily overcome with the right information and practice.

Don’t Go Cheap With Your Equipment

Because this isn’t a home brewery, you’ll need quality equipment. You’ll now be brewing for a large audience at a more consistent rate. Reliable, high-quality equipment should last for years, allowing you to focus on crafting excellent recipes and fantastic products. Unfortunately, lower-quality brewing equipment won’t last as long and will require more maintenance.

Keep Things As Fresh as Possible

Any time you prepare something people will consume, whether a beverage or food, you should have quality and freshness in mind. Your audience will be able to taste the improved quality that fresh ingredients contribute to. To get the best possible product, you’ll want the highest-grade ingredients you can source. This emphasis on freshness will set your business apart from the competition.

Starting any business can be difficult, but once you master your trade, it becomes something worth cherishing for a lifetime. We have compiled common mistakes new brewery owners make to help you avoid and overcome these challenges early on for the best possible experience.