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Contacting eBay Customer Services

  • January 8, 2020

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ebay customer service

Trying to figure out how to contact eBay customer services?

The larger a company is, the more difficult it can be to get the assistance you require when you have an inquiry. The best way to contact eBay is to call (866) 540-3229.

You don’t have to worry about being diverted to the eBay website or being put on hold for hours and hours on end. 

Other Customer Service Options

There are other ways for you to get in touch with eBay and if you visit the company’s website you will be able to see this for yourself. Most of the communication methods offered revolve around the written word, such as email and live chat, which is not advised for a number of different reasons, especially when it comes to money matters. When it comes to email, there is no guarantee of an instant answer, and both options can prove to be a bit tricky, as a lot of customer service advisors are vague with their answers when communicating via writing, while it’s not uncommon for messages to be misinterpreted, which can lead to more hassle. 

One of the most frustrating things about the customer service options on eBay’s website is the fact that you have to select what your query is about, and then you have to choose a subcategory from this, and depending on your answer you will either be pointed to a FAQ section or provided with contact details. This can be a cause of annoyance for those who simply want to get in touch with an expert directly for the assistance they require, whether this is to remove counterfeits from eBay or discuss a locked account. 

Frequently Asked Questions

If you do simply have a basic inquiry, such as ‘how do returns work?’, then heading to the online FAQ section is advised, as eBay handle an enormous volume of calls on a daily basis and the advisor will only read out the information that is available on the website anyway. The online ‘Resolution Center’ is designed for buyers who haven’t received an item or the item they have received does not match the description, as well as sellers who haven’t received payment or wish to cancel a transaction. This can all be managed via the eBay website.

eBay Motors

EBay sell an extortionate number of items and they have a section of their website that is specifically tailored towards motors, where people can buy and sell cars, motorcycles, car parts, accessories, motorcycle parts, wheels, tires, car tuning products and much, much more. Of course buying a car via an online auction site is very different from buying a beauty product or a piece of furniture for instance, as this is a larger investment and requires protection for both the buyer and the seller and efficient organisation of the sale, which is why you may need to get in touch with the eBay Motors Desk directly.

The eBay Motors section online also features a ‘Garage’, which is an online community where members can converse with one and other; giving advise, sharing photographs of new paint jobs and helping one and other to find the right parts for their vehicle. This is a good place to visit if you want general advice regarding motors, as opposed to advice from the eBay Motors customer service team.

Conclusion: Contacting eBay Customer Services

Tell us in the comments whether or not you've had success contacting eBay customer services. Let us know if you have any hacks to get a hold of them.