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Cost-Saving Strategies for Your Landscaping Business

  • August 11, 2021

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Cost-Saving Strategies for Your Landscaping Business

Business and finance go hand in hand. When you’re running a startup company, you need to know how to reduce costs without also making unnecessary sacrifices. When you’re running a lawn care company, this is especially important, specifically if you live in an area where your line of work isn’t possible year-round. Keep your business profitable with these cost-saving strategies for your landscaping business.

Take Care of Equipment

First and foremost, take care of your equipment. When employees finish using landscaping gear, make sure they clean it off and return it to the appropriate location. Neglecting this may lead to tools breaking down sooner than expected or they might get misplaced. Replacing gear isn’t cheap, so keep up with machine and tool maintenance. Each week, month, or season, you’ll need to check over specific equipment for signs of damage or repair.

Pro Tip:

When you’re looking at new tools, consider leasing them rather than purchasing since this allows you to test them out and decide whether you like them. Rending or leasing tools is far less expensive than making a new purchase.

Reduce Overhead Costs

Take time to outline where you spent money so you can adequately budget and invest in the appropriate assets to keep your landscaping business successful. For instance, proper fuel management ensures you don’t waste gas on the wrong things. And when you track fuel tanks digitally rather than the old-fashioned way, it’s easier to know how much you have. This is especially true if you use a phone-based application!

Know what you need and how much it will cost; this includes equipment, uniforms, and more. As you do this, also investigate your vendors to ensure you’re paying a fair amount for products such as fertilizers and weedkillers. Finally, decide what costs are most important and what you can cut. In doing this, you’ll spend money efficiently and strategically.

Evaluate Staff Members

Are employees doing the work you expect of them? When you’re hiring new team members, take your time since you want to make the best additions to your company. Likewise, offer proper training, so everyone understands the workload and what you expect.

You only want the best employees at your company, so using time-tracking sheets or an app is a great idea. This way, you’ll know when employees clock in and out. You can also use this information to make the most efficient work schedules.

Work With Employees

An easily overlooked cost-saving strategy for your landscaping business is to work with and listen to every employee. Just like employees work for you, you need to work with them. Set aside time in the week to meet with the team and talk about areas for growth.

Your workers have ideas and different insights on ways to improve the business. Those who work directly with customers may think of ways to better the employee-client experience. Write those ideas down so you can analyze which would best benefit the business.