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Credit Repair 101: How Your Credit Score Affects Your Life

  • December 22, 2017

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Have you tried asking lending institutions about applying for a loan but you were rejected because of your credit score? Everyone has their own ways of spending and investing on things, may this be on groceries, new gadgets, luxury cars, properties and even on investing in your financial future.

But bad habits may often bring you down and surprisingly, financial institutions are recording your moves. You heard it right, they are at most times keeping your spending habits on track. That is why you should not let these figures betray or turn against you.

What Are Credit Scores?

If you have bought a new mobile device for instance, and used your credit card, something happens to your credit score. If you have paid back your home loans on time, your credit score surges up. However, if you have not paid these loans by the deadline, this score plummets down.

Your credit score represents your financial transactions and history through a three-digit numerical system that generally runs from 301 to 850. The higher the score, the better your credit rating and vice-versa.

These rating systems are referred to by lenders and banking institutions to get a reflection on who you are depending on your financial habits.

It may have impacts in your life and in all the deals that you do along the way. Sometimes, it might even spark a new relationship. Read on to find out more.

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Certain Aspects In Life Where Credit Scores Come Into Play

Getting A Brand New Home

Are you a young professional who thinks that you already have the financial capability to find a house? Are you starting your family and raising your kids in a brand new property? No matter as to who you are in these categories, getting a brand new home may sound so exciting but certain hurdles in the process can turn fortune into cold stone.

If you have been renting spaces for long and this is the first time you have ever bought a new house, chances are, the property sellers will take a look at your paying habits during the moments you were paying out the rent.

What landlords and property sellers want are investors who come with a nice credit score or those without low ratings as much as possible. The moment they handle a transaction with a client, they will check your credit reports coming from credit institutions as part of the entire process.

Time is a factor here, and getting a brand new house with your scores considered may either quickly land you on your new investments or may delay everything until it gets fixed.

Your Everyday Expenses, Including Your Electricity Bills

One other reason to stay completely aware of your credit score is because they can also impact the benefits you can get while paying your daily expenses. These include buying new stuff, paying for utilities, and dealing with your electrical bills.

Energy and utility companies may take a look at your credit reports containing your rating as you request for some of their services. When you do, those with lower credit ratings or scores may be asked to complete a deposit and add co-signers when setting up new accounts.

If you are in a situation where you need a co-signer because you have bad credit you might want to look into credit repair first. See for credit repair company information.

When paying your bills such as your mobile data plan or your Internet movie streaming packages, you may find out that prices tend go higher for those with lower scores. Trust is the central theme in these transactions, and credit scores inform companies about how much they can trust the consumer when dealing with them as they purchase their services. 

Your Career

At this point, it seems that things are getting far-fetched when you hear that even your professional career can be influenced by your credit scores. However, this is a strong fact. Whether you like it or not, employers have the chance to reject job applications when they issues on your scores. Isn’t this a personal information?

Yes it is, but with your permission and with the decision of job acceptance on the hook, your credit reports will be seen by your potential employers by no choice.

They see a different version of these reports from what financial institutions can see but they will be given a clear picture of your habits.

These are very common in companies that hire employees who are expected to take care of money or companies that involve investment services, insurance packages, or banking transactions. However, this checking will not affect your existing ratings.

Love and Relationships

A good credit score can land you to the perfect date? Most times, it will. New studies have shown that individuals are now practically looking at a person’s credit rating and scores when agreeing to go on a date with him or her.

Nowadays, seeking for love and stability goes more than just emotions but also practical aspects as well. People are forward-looking when it comes to their future and the future of their kids.


So the next time you want to tread along a nice track throughout your life, never miss out on your credit score. It’s essential you understand how your credit score can affect various aspects of your life, as it can have tremendous impact on your finances and, in turn, your future.

Careful assessment and study of your credit score now can allow you to make plans that can make it easier for you to budget your spending, save money, and even invest in yourself and other important things. Be sure to check out for help on restoring your credit.