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6 Best Types of Crypto Debit Cards

  • November 20, 2020

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crypto debit cards

Do you use cryptocurrency, and you are wondering which crypto debit card suits your lifestyle?

A few years ago, crypto cards did not exist. Anyone who owned cryptocurrency would have to use Third-party channels to convert their cryptocurrencies to fiat. In simple words, fiat money is regarded as money by governments due to its intrinsic value. Crypto cards came to solve a problem that most cryptocurrencies owners had. Cryptocurrency cards are in the form of crypto-debit cards and crypto-credit cards. Here are some of the top crypto debit cards that are safe, reliable, and user-friendly.


With over 5 million users, is first growing and is becoming popular around the world. has given its users great purchasing power. Users can make transactions anytime with ease. It has focused on ensuring that its esteemed clients receive state-of-the-art services. offers a variety of services relating to cryptocurrencies to its users. As a user, you can withdraw or deposit crypto to your account. However, with, you may not withdraw more than BTC 10. The card is safe to use since security protocols have been developed to ensure your crypto is safe during and after a transaction.

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NEXO is a platform that users can offer their cryptocurrencies as collateral to NEXO for crypto-backed loans, which are processed instantly. Founded in 2018, NEXO aims at providing timely and world-class services to all its users worldwide.

NEXO has invested greatly in ensuring that its user's interests are secured and well protected. They have entered into a partnership with security companies to provide maximum security to users.


Monolith is available in several states. It is visa-backed. This means that a monolith card can be used around the world where Visa cards are usable. With a monolith, you cannot use more than 7,500£ daily. There are no fees charged monthly or for activating the card. However, you can also withdraw with zero charges, but if you exceed 2 monthly withdrawals, you are charged 0.75£.

Block Cards

Block cards signing up and account activation has never been this easy. With a block card, you can transact business in minutes.

It is one of the crypto debit cards that are widely used due to its user-friendliness features. With a block card, you can easily navigate from crypto-cash and vice versa.

Cybercrime and fraud are among the leading reasons why business people are losing millions of money each year globally. Don't be a victim of cybercrime or fraud. In case you lose the card, there is a feature that you can easily use to inform your bank about your lost or stolen block card. In case this happens, ensure you report the incident to your bank to ensure money from your account is not withdrawn by unauthorized persons.


Wirex is backed by a visa card. Basically, this means that it can be used anywhere that Visa is acceptable. To use Wirex, you only need to load some crypto, and instantly, you start enjoying the convenience it offers. You get your purchasing power upon loading your crypto. To add cash to your Wirex wallet, you only need to have account details, both yours and that of the recipient.

Wirex is safe to use as it offers your money maximum security.


Bitpay is a form of crypto debit card that allows users to use their bitcoins to make payments anywhere a visa card is acceptable. Bitpay provides its users with a secure and first way to change bitcoins to fiat, giving them the purchasing power. It is easy to use and cheap to convert bitcoins since they don't charge conversion fees.  Bitpay allows a maximum deposit of $25000. In case you want to deposit more than this, you may want to consider using other crypto debit cards listed above.

It is most suitable for people who live or love traveling abroad.

Crypto Debit Cards Summary

Crypto debit cards have made life easier for people carrying out various transactions all over the world. It is not mandatory for your bank account to be involved when using crypto debit cards. Most of these cards allow you to make payments with the currency of their liking. You can choose to either use a physical or virtual crypto debit card.