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DIY Home Improvement Projects: Practical Ways to Spruce up Your House

  • February 15, 2022

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Did you know that home improvement projects have surged during this pandemic? Many individuals and families have stayed indoors since the COVID-19 outbreak. For this reason, they have realized their home value and sought to improve them.

As such, many homeowners have pursued complete house renovation, partial remodeling, and tradesman works. Even if the pandemic restrictions have already subsided, they continue to carry out home improvement projects like exterior remodeling and outdoor landscaping.

But with or without a pandemic, transforming your home and boosting its value is imperative. The goal isn’t only to make your humble abode visually attractive and highly functional. You also want to ensure that your house is the safest and most comfortable to live in for good.

For home improvement projects, the do-it-yourself (DIY) approach can be your best bet. That said, here’s how to spruce up your house during this pandemic:

Home Interior Designing

As far as a home improvement project is concerned, it all starts with your home interior. In fact, Forbes tagged 2020 as the Year of the Home while 2021 as the Year of the Yard. It looks like this trend will continue this year. But if you’re wondering what home interior design project to pursue, here are some recommendations:

  • Wall Repainting: Give your home a fresh look or total makeover this new year. Wall repainting can be your best bet. Not only will it change your home atmosphere, but it can also set the mood of the whole household. However, be wary of choosing the color scheme. For this reason, color psychology is the key.
  • Interior Lighting: Same with wall repainting, interior lighting can transform the overall look of your house. It can also create the perfect ambiance for the whole household. As such, consider the three lighting types: ambient lighting for general illumination, task lighting for specific house functions, and accent lighting for highlighting certain spots or objects.
  • Flooring Installation: It’s no secret how the floor can be the most used and abused at home. If it’s already old and updated, consider installing new flooring materials. These include carpet, laminate, vinyl, or tile flooring. As you have a handful of flooring options, you call the shots.
  • Home Decors and Accessories: If you’re looking to transform your house, start with a home design theme in mind. From there, invest in home decors and accessories that revolve around this theme. You can even work with a photo studio such as Stellar Studios. From there, you can display a bunch of family photos in your living space.

Home System Updates

Your residential property consists of several home systems or house parts. Not only do they boost your home’s aesthetic value, but they also serve your household needs. Therefore, regular inspection, maintenance, and even repair are a must. Take note of the following:

  • HVAC System: The rule of thumb is to have HVAC maintenance at least twice a year. Be sure to update your heating system (furnace) in the fall and cooling system (AC unit) in the spring. 
  • Plumbing System: Check your plumbing system regularly. Be wary of plumbing issues like clogged drains in the kitchen sink and bathroom. Also, fix dripping faucets and water leaks. Lastly, contact expert plumbers for broken pipes and the local authorities for inconsistent water supply.
  • Roofing and Gutter Systems: Don’t forget your roof and gutters as well. Be sure to clean them consistently so that they won't get subject to wear and tear. Twigs, leaves, nests, pests, and other materials can damage your shingles and clog your gutters. Be sure to clean them and get repairs when necessary.

Exterior Update and Outdoor Landscaping

If you’re satisfied with your home interior, it’s time to go beyond. Consider updating your house exterior and boosting your outdoor space. Below are a few recommendations:

  • Power Washing of Exterior Walls: Consider renting or investing in a pressure washer. You can use this to power wash your outdoor walls and other surfaces. Doing so can get rid of specks of dust, dirt, stains, grime, and other debris. 
  • House Repainting: If power washing doesn’t work due to faded paint walls, it’s time to consider house repainting. However, be wary of the hues and opt for the best color scheme. From there, it can boost your property’s curb appeal.
  • Pavement Construction: It’s a good idea to have paved areas in your property for aesthetic and functional values. For instance, you can install a driveway for safe driving to the garage. You can also have a walkway around your garden for seamless walking.
  • Hardscape Installation: Consider taking your backyard to the next level by installing hardscape features. These outdoor structures can serve some functional purposes while improving the aesthetics of your outdoor space. You can construct a deck, patio, pergola, or arbor.
  • Lawn Care and Home Gardening: If you’re looking to transform your yard, installing turf and venturing into home gardening can be your best bet. If you already have a lawn in place, don’t forget to perform lawn care. While at it, start growing shrubs, flowers, and even fruit-bearing trees.

At this point, you now know how to spruce up your house during this pandemic. Consider the DIY home improvement projects recommended above. As long as you have the knowledge, skills, and expertise, you can pull off this project. Otherwise, you have to consider hiring home contractors to do the job for you. Ultimately, a home improvement project can kick your residential property’s curb appeal and home value up a notch.