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Doing Some Good For The World With Your Small Business

  • December 4, 2018

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Doing Some Good For The World With Your Small Business

Are you and your business doing some good for the world?

Isn't that an interesting question! Today's contributed post will help us answer it for you.


When we talk about business, we generally focus on personal gain.

We start up our own businesses in order to generate a sufficient income for ourselves and to provide ourselves with a better quality of life.

This is understandable.

But it’s important to bear in mind that there are a few different ways that you can use your business to improve the world in general too!

Here are just a couple to consider as you really start doing some good for the world!

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Hold a Charity Fundraiser

When you run a business, you quickly begin to network with a whole host of other business owners. You will generally collaborate in the interest of your business’ progression and to further your own profits.

But every once in a while, it could be a good idea to bring all of your business acquaintances together to hold a charity fundraiser.

This could pose as a great opportunity to bring everyone together for one evening where business isn’t the main focus of attention at the same time as generating money for a good cause.

Consider different fundraising activities to carry out throughout the night. Silent auctions tend to be a profound success.

Alternatively, invest in some customized bricks from - people can purchase these to be built into one of your buildings with their name or business name engraved into them.

Implement CSR Clauses Into Your Contracts

When you run a business, you’re likely to draw up all sorts of contracts on a regular basis. These contracts will generally outline terms and conditions between your company and another company that you intend to carry out business with.

Generally speaking, terms and conditions drawn into the contracts serve the purpose of protecting you and your finances. However, CSR clauses, short for “corporate social responsibility” clauses can be drawn into contracts too!

These serve the purpose of ensuring that businesses you are engaging with uphold the same high moral values as you do. CSR clauses can pertain to environmental friendliness, workers conditions, or other factors.

Incorporating them into your contracts will help to make other companies be good to the planet and their workers and can be legally upheld. Most collaborators will agree to these clauses and improve their business process, if only for the sake of working with you.

Conclusion: Doing Some Good For The World

These are just a couple of different ways that your could use your business as a tool to improve the world around us!

It really can benefit others and the planet as a whole at the same time as providing you with everything that you need!