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Easy Ways To Improve Your Vacation Rental Property

  • September 28, 2022

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Easy Ways To Improve Your Vacation Rental Property

People love going on vacation, so investing in a vacation rental property is a great way to bring in a passive income that will help grow your family’s wealth. However, people don’t want to pay for a subpar or average vacation rental. They want to relax somewhere special and feel like they’ve found the best spot around. This is why it’s essential for you to make sure your rental property meets and exceeds expectations. Keep reading to learn about easy ways to improve your vacation rental property to make sure your property is providing the best experience and bringing in the most money.

Leave a Welcome Basket

One of the reasons people choose vacation rentals over hotels is because of the personalized service rentals can provide. Make sure your renters are experiencing that personalized service from the start by giving them a welcome basket upon check-in or having one delivered if you can’t offer it to them in person. Include a gift in the welcome basket, something they can enjoy during their stay or take home to remind them of their recent visit. You can even print your guests a guide to the local food and entertainment spots and include activity ideas for everyone, from college students looking for club recommendations to families hoping to find fun local attractions.

Pay Attention to the Details

You may think that guests will only focus on the big stuff, but you’d be wrong. Details such as luxury candles, free subscription services, extra beach towels, and group activities will go a long way in making your guests feel welcome, comfortable, and excited to come back. Just like the local guide you provided in the welcome basket, you’ll want to offer a detailed service for many to enjoy. Make sports easy to access on the TV for sports fans, stock your shelf with books from various genres, provide games for various age groups, and so on.

Make Outdoor Space Comfortable

No matter where your vacation rental property is located, you’ll need to offer guests a beautiful and comfortable outdoor space. With so many people trapped in offices behind their computer screens at work, you’ll need to provide the exact opposite experience for them while they’re on vacation. Have at least two comfortable places for guests to sit so they can enjoy the outdoors, relax, and put their feet up. Make sure they can enjoy the outdoor space regardless of the weather by installing a cassette awning or another kind of overhang. Include a table so they can bring a book or drink outside with them and don’t have to constantly go inside for what they need. And hang up outdoor lights so they can enjoy the space at night as well as during the day. None of these accommodations take very long to install, and you can easily hire a professional to help the installation of your awning move quickly.

Some easy ways to improve your vacation rental property are to make your outdoor space as comfortable as possible, leave a welcome basket with a gift and area-specific advice, and provide key details that will please a variety of guests. By implementing some of these tips, you can make money off your vacation rental and make it the best rental property it can be.