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Energize Your New Workspace

  • November 27, 2019

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Energize Your New Workspace

Ready to energize your new workspace?

You have that new office, factory, or workshop for your business, and you are ready to fit it out. You know what you need, but have you given enough thought to how are you going to design it. A lot of thought needs to be given to maximize the efficiency of your new workspace. It also needs to be welcoming for staff and visitors such as quality assurance, random check-ups, and investors. You probably want to think about a space for customers depending on the type of business you have. Will there need to be a waiting room? Will they wish to look out on the work floor? 

Here are some things to think about when designing your new workspace.

Involve staff   

If this is a refurb idea or a change in premises for an existing business, then it is definitely worth your while discussing the new space with the current staff. They will have ideas on layout and structure, which could prove to be more efficient for everyone. Involving the team also has a psychological effect. They may feel that their views and opinions are being taken into account, engendering a greater sense of oneness within your workplace.


It could be that you already have a specific color scheme that your branding dictates, and you intend to kit out your workspace in this image. However, are you aware that certain colors actually promote productivity? Blue is the best color for this. Not only does it invite people to work harder, it also has a calming effect, meaning a more peaceful workplace. Color can also be suggestive in other areas, and it may be an idea to use this method strategically in the workplace. In the waiting room for customers or investors, think about colors that stimulate the desire to spend money, red is an excellent example of this.


This is an important aspect and something everyone subconsciously notices first. It is probably the most used thing in the whole work area. Again the color and material need to be given serious consideration. A light color is unwise for various reasons. If you are having a carpet for the office, it needs to be durable enough for many different feet, and you may want carpet tiles instead of one complete coverage. If it is a factory or a large commercial space with a concrete floor, it may be worth your while having commercial floor coatings overlaid, which are incredibly durable and protect the flooring beneath. It also looks a lot nicer.


You need to consider here both comfort and durability. If staff will be sitting at an assembly line, you may want to think about sit-stand chair with no wheels, as this can reduce any pain and prevent spine injuries. For office staff, you need to consider the size of the space and ensure you get the right desk. You may need some with adjustable heights. Office chairs usually have this facility, but preventing injuries, and the health and safety of your staff is something you must give a lot of thought to.