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Tips To Ensure Safety In The Workplace

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Tips To Ensure Safety In The Workplace

Looking after staff within the workplace and in general, should be of utmost importance. So to ensure their safety, here are a few tips to make sure that safety is taken seriously.

Take Regular Breaks

It’s important to emphasize the need to take regular breaks. Whatever trade the business is in, having regular breaks away from work is crucial to maintaining focus and staying alert. This avoids any injuries and burning out, so make sure that all staff know that. It’s also good to make sure that the working hours are manageable and that no one is working for too long, especially when they’re using dangerous equipment.

Legal Cover

Although a company wants to look out for its staff, they should also be making sure they cover themselves too. Keller and Keller is a recommended law firm and so making sure a business has legal cover is crucial. Insurance should also be something that has been covered so that both parties are protected should an accident occur in the workplace.

Talk Through Any Concerns

According to Helene Melby Brodersen - Head of PR, Brand & Communication at EcoOnline, “Many employers have found that it's better to go beyond simply preventing harm to staff, and actively encourage their wellbeing. As with any health and safety initiative, wellbeing programmes need employers and employees to work together.”

Having good communication between employee and employer is very useful for making sure both sides are happy. When it comes to the safety of the workplace, no individual can see everything that’s going on, so it’s good to have the relationship between the staff and business should any concerns crop up. Whether that’s in the form of a suggestion box or a monthly meeting, it’s a great way of making sure safety is noted.

Any unsafe conditions should always be reported to a supervisor or the person in charge of the operations side of the building.

First Aiders

As a business, there should be a number of first aiders on site to help assist in a medical emergency should it occur within the business premises. Depending on the size of the organisation, will depend on how many trained staff you need. First aid training can actually make a huge difference in a situation where someone falls ill or injures themselves. Before paying for the course though, be sure to ask the person whether they want the training or not as they may not prefer to have that responsibility.

Improve Posture

With a lot of office jobs that include working at a desk, there can often be a lot of health and safety issues when it comes to posture. Having bad posture can lead to more problems with the body as time progresses. Try to encourage staff to be conscious of their posture when sitting at their desk. Shoulders should be in line with the hips and consider installing standing desks, and other chair supports for those who may request it. It might be worthwhile getting some posture tips sent around the workplace or put up in view for employees to see.

Thinking about the safety of your employees is a good way of building a relationship with them. To know they feel valued and that their health is important to the company will do wonders in keeping staff happy.

  • Safety is definitely one important thing we all need to look after and definitely how good a company is can be seen on her staffs. You have brought up a very important subject here and i must give kudos for that. I hope people get to see this type of information more and act on it. Not only the big companies should look out for there staffs, even if your staff is just one or two in number, its your responsibility to make sure they are doing fine. Thanks again for bringing this important topic.
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