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Exchange Bitcoin SV – What You Should Know

  • November 30, 2020

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Exchange Bitcoin SV - What You Should Know

The new-age currency, Bitcoin, and its predecessors including the advent of blockchain technology have the potential to transform the way we deliberate about currency, transactions, and online distinctiveness.

Back in 2009 when an anonymous individual under the name ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’ published the first proof of transaction using digital currency, the world was turned upside down. Here began the idea of Bitcoin technology and has been around and growing stronger every month, since then.

After this another form of currency was derived, smaller in size and less volatile than digital cash version; this was the Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision (BSV) which was invented more recently in 2018. Although both their monetary policies may be similar there are many differences between these 2 forms of digital currency available to the public. Click here to find out more.

What Is BitCoin?

Just like how the printing press prints books, the block technology prints these coins. This type of transaction helps with peer-to-peer exchanges and does not use the interference of any governing body such as a bank. After the anonymous creator left the idea behind, a bunch of developers took over and placed the open-source code for it online for everyone to access.

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It is now public property that can be modified. The reason this solution was created was because of the crash of the economy in 2008 and has proven to be quite useful for many, especially big businesses and individuals alike. Many multi-billion-dollar corporations have invested in this concept and bought millions of these digital coins, and left them to sit and grow to exorbitant levels.

It allows online payments to be sent from one person to the other or one account to another, and you can buy it, sell it and shop with it now.

The Exchange of Bitcoin Satoshi Vision

BSV or Bitcoin Satoshi Vision is different from the typical example that we all know – Bitcoin Cash, and this article can tell you more: the difference between BSV and the Cash option  is the size of transactions each one can handle. BSV is smaller in comparison to BCH, 7MB smaller. The cash version can handle multiple transactions per day, while SV cannot.

When exchanging BSV the process is much slower than when exchanging cash, however, the ROI (return of investment) is better. Having bigger block sizes isn’t always a good idea, and there have been concerns recently about that, especially regarding security.

Also, the market cap for BCH is 97% lower. This means the coin is yet to gain popularity and acceptance in the bigger currency markets. According to data, it shows that transacting the digital currency, is almost 10,000 times more expensive than BSV, which is a major deciding factor for many around the financial world.

When the need for a BSV exchange arises, it is always best to check the numbers, at the moment of publishing this article the price for one BSV was worth $180 while the cash version was worth $ 9,200, in other words, it would cost give or take 50 Satoshi Visions to get just one bitcoin.

Advantages of BSV

As you can see there are many advantages to buying BSV over cash. Let’s run through them.

  1. Safe and Instant Transactions of Exchange. The creators of this “fork” in BitCoin have enabled it to be one of the most secure and adaptable options, due to the size and less volatility in comparison to cash.
  2. It is Scalable. It can be increased in time, by buying more and reduced by selling when prices are high. There are several other currencies that BSV can be exchanged with.
  3. It is Secure. Transactions carried out using BSV are much secure than most other digital forms of currency. It uses change management processes and external security audits done on them regularly, plus a worthwhile bug detection program.
  4. It Is Stable. There have been many digital currencies that have come and gone in the time it was created till now. Most of which were predicted to be stable and last a long time, especially for enterprises. That wasn’t the case. However, with BSV, stability is one of the things that keeps investors drawn to it. This then enables many businesses to plan, 5 to 10 years in advance, and commit to resources that will use this form of currency without worrying about it disappearing anytime soon.