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Exploring Chargeback Options for Investment Scam Victims – Our Action Refund Review

  • January 18, 2021

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Exploring Chargeback Options for Investment Scam Victims - Our Action Refund Review

Exploring Chargeback Options for Investment Scam Victims - Our Action Refund Review

We’ve seen countless examples of online investors losing money to scam brokers. It seems to be happening more and more each day, with scammers inventing new ways to trick traders at a rapid pace.

Online payment services, credit card companies, and banks try to keep up with scammers, but there’s just no way they can. This is where chargeback companies come into the mix. Having their focus solely on getting money back from scammers, these companies can help those that the banks can’t.

Action Refund

Our Action Refund review seeks to evaluate the effectiveness of this company’s fund recovery services. Action refund is an Israeli company that offers its services to clients around the world. They have dedicated phone lines for the United States, the UK, Australia, China, Australia, and, of course, their Israel office number. These countries make up the largest part of online investment scam victims.

It’s very easy to get in contact with this company–they have the phone lines mentioned above, along with email, instant chat on their website, and a contact form that potential clients can fill out to receive a callback. Clients can also reach out to them through their Facebook page.


Anyone seeking out the services of a chargeback company has learned about online scammers the hard way. Recent victims are extremely wary of any online services, so one of the major points they look for in fund recovery services is privacy. Action Refund outlines their privacy policy on their website. They make it clear that they will always explain exactly how your information is going to be used and the reason that they need that information.

Their policies are fully compliant with GDPR data protection and privacy laws. The company only keeps your records as long as they need them for handling your case. They do not share your data nor documents with any third-party companies. 

We’re satisfied with this company’s privacy policy. We believe that even the most careful online financial scam victims shouldn’t let privacy concerns keep them from going with them.

Their Reputation Online

Hearing from a company’s former clients is the best way to figure out if they’re trustworthy. This is why Our Action Refund review wouldn’t be complete without a survey of the general consensus on the company’s services. The popular online customer review website, Trustpilot, is the gold standard for gauging any financial or related services companies. Action Refund maintains a score of 4.6 stars out of 5 with 174 total reviews. Most scores tend to level out with this many reviews, but Action Refund has kept theirs high.

The reviews speak very highly of Action Refund’s customer service. Clients say that service is always prompt, whether they’re calling in or contacting the company online. They’re also very happy with the success rate. Most reviews say that the company managed to recover their entire deposit. A lot of the reviews thank the specific agent who helped them, showing that this company adds a personal touch to every case.

Who Are Action Refund’s Clients?

The bulk of this company’s clients are victims of a few particular types of online financial fraud. They are people who invested with online brokers offering forex, CFDs, or binary options. These three types of assets are the most common choices for scammers to base their fraud. The typical situation is that a trader sets up an account with the broker, makes some trades, and is then unable to process their withdrawal when they want to cash out.

Forex and CFDs are both investments that can make money for traders if they know what they’re doing. Scam brokers show potential victims the real earnings that these traders have made elsewhere as proof that the investments are easy money. There are a lot of rules for brokers offering these assets. Binary options scams are less common today because most countries have made them completely illegal.

Scam brokers avoid these laws by not registering with a financial regulator. Instead, they register with an offshore regulator that doesn’t effectively enforce rules or they register with a regulator and just break the rules anyway.

The fact that even regulated brokers can scam their clients makes it hard for new traders to pick out a reliable broker. They only find out the hard way when the broker won’t let them withdraw their funds. At this point, they seek out the services of a fund recovery company, like Action Refund.

What Does Action Refund Do?

Evaluating the actual process is a key part of our Action Refund review. The company gives a straightforward and easy to understand explanation of how they handle cases, which is broken into three simple steps.

Every case starts with a free consultation. Clients call in or fill out the form for a callback and discuss their situation. They let Action Refund know what broker is running the scam, how the broker is withholding their funds, how much money they put down, and when they made their first deposit. The company compares this information with their past experience to figure out if the case has a good chance of success. One of Action Refund’s main selling points is that they only pursue cases that will lead to a refund.

Suppose they know their agents can successfully resolve the case. In that case, they move on to collect all the necessary information from the client. The chargeback process requires some specific documents, including records from the bank or payment processor that processed the deposit. Also, Action Refund usually requests any communications records between the client and the scam broker.

Finally, the company begins to process the chargeback. The first part is making an attempt to contact the broker and request a refund directly. This an important step to establish the validity of the chargeback claim. Action Refund’s agents then start to process the refund with the bank or payment processor to return the deposit to their client.

The company keeps up good communication through the process, explaining steps concisely, and never bothering clients with unnecessary document requests or wasting their time. The company’s decent success rate shows that they must know what they’re doing with this process.

Should You Give Action Refund a Try?

Our Action Refund review has shown that Action Refund demonstrates an above-average commitment to their clients as far as chargeback companies go. While most online fund recovery services are impersonal, even rude, this company’s customer service is reliably professional and knowledgeable. Any online financial fraud victims would benefit from going through their free consultation to find out if Action Refund can resolve their case.