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Family Hustle: Inspiring Businesses To Start With Your Teen

  • December 8, 2021

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Family Hustle: Inspiring Businesses To Start With Your Teen

Dreaming of starting up a business or a side hustle can turn into an overwhelming nightmare when you introduce the idea of handling all the steps and work by yourself. This thought can prompt many entrepreneurs to reach out to a partner or friend for support. However, the ideal assistance you need might be closer than you think.

At this age, many teens might develop passions and interests that can sway them into dream careers and can encourage them to look into creating their own businesses.

The question here is, why not try merging these ideas? Here are some inspiring businesses to start with your teen and introduce them to the family hustle.

Child Care

Starting a small business focusing on child care is a fantastic option that allows you and your family to help neighboring families in need. This side hustle doesn’t require setting up a brick-and-mortar location since you can offer your home as the care site.

If your teen is still in school, the flexibility of this business venture will allow them to assist you during the weekends or periods away from their studies.

Tutoring Services

Some students need a bit of extra assistance to excel at their studies. While possessing the knowledge to assist middle and high school students is vital to this business, patience, understanding, and kindness also go a long way.

With your teen most likely in the same grade level as many of these pupils, your child can pass on their math, science, and writing skills while you handle the scheduling and financial end of the business.

Cleaning Services

Cleaning services are incredibly accommodating for both business owners and clients. You can operate on hours that work best for you and offer additional services that you enjoy doing, like laundry.

Remember that your teen may relate this particular venture to their own chores at home, but at least they’ll be familiar with the tasks at hand.

Craft Making

For families with creative talent that enjoy crafting specialty items, you can turn your passions into profits with homemade craft making. From candles to soap, you can sell your eye-catching creations to a local audience and expand with a website.

If you don’t know where to begin, consider selling crafted seasonal items like crocheted hats that can keep people warm for the season.

Pet Sitting

For families with a passion for animals, what better way to spend your time than caring for neighbors’ pets? This business decision is flexible; it allows you to further develop a passion your family shares and presents you with a fun opportunity to earn extra income.

Having a hustle is commendable, but it makes for all the more exciting ventures when it involves family. While these are only a few inspiring businesses to start with your teen, it’s essential to remember that when creating a trade with your loved ones, you should always consider something you all enjoy.