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Fitness Motivation: 7 Instagram Accounts to Follow Promoting Physical Health

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When it comes to fitness motivation, social media is never in short supply. There are countless Facebook pages and groups, Twitter accounts, Pinterest boards, and Instagram accounts dedicated to keeping you inspired.

fitness motivation instagramAnd rightfully so. Working out and getting in shape is hard. It's a mind game that you are playing with yourself.

We all need a little motivation in our lives. No matter what the challenge may be that we face, knowing that others are dealing with the same thing is important to each of us. After all, we humans are social animals and we like to know there are others in our "pack."

With that said, I compiled a list of 7 Instagram accounts that inspire me to perform my best. I may not always live up to that hype, but it's not from lack of fitness motivation. That's for sure. You can also find more accounts by searching for fitness related hashtags on Instagram.

Start following these accounts and you'll see what I mean. Enjoy!

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Instagram accounts to follow for fitness motivation:

1. fueledbylolz

Hollie chronicles her experiences as a runner at  She talks about her training and race performance along with reviews of diners in the state of New Jersey.  I included her in this roundup of fitness motivation because she is real with her readers.  You learn what's it like to be a true runner by reading her blog.

2. 24hoursuccess

With 579,000+ followers at the time of this writing, the 24 Hour Success account plays an important role in the fitness motivation spectrum.  After all, they do consider themselves "Your #1 Inspirational & Motivational Page."  I leave the accolades up to you guys and gals, but they're doing something right.

3. monitorthebeat

Let me tell you -- this account oozes with inspiration and motivation.  It's the foundation for the whole company that Justin Morris founded in 2014.

This says it all:

Founded in 2014, MonitortheBeat is an Active Lifestyle | Movement brand that you can turn to for inspiration, positivity, and a little bit of Faith. We exist not only to help you take on common challenges together, but also bring down barriers between communities and cultures and build bridges among people. MonitortheBeat is not only here to create fashion statements, but also to create a better culture for our world today.

4. bryansprogress

It's always amazing to see a dramatic weight loss transformation.  Bryan's progress on Instagram is no different.  Truly incredible and inspiring.  The perfect kind of fitness motivation!

5. runbrands

The Instagram image here is all you need to know about the runbrands account on Instagram.  Nothing short of beauty and no excuses.

6. nicksanto

Nick Santonastasso is the definition of perseverance.  With everything stacked against him, the guy just refuses to quit.  Any time you want to give up or complain, look at Nick's picture.  Then, get your butt moving.  True fitness motivation and heroic effort.

7. runners_of_insta

Can you tell I love running?  This runners account highlights the performances of individual runners, the awesomeness of the running community, and some great swag you need to get your hands on!

What serves as your fitness motivation?

We all have things that motivate and inspire us.  The benefit of social media and Instagram in particular is that we are able to connect with the world at-large.  Millions of people can share the quotes, images, and stories that keep them going.  Fitness motivation is truly a beautiful thing.

So, what motivates you?  Are there any fitness motivation quotes, images, stories, or social media accounts that you follow?  Please share your thoughts below.  If you enjoyed this article, be sure to share it with your friends.  Check out more financial health, physical health, and living healthy articles as well!