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Fitness Plan at Home: How to Keep Clients During Lockdown

  • August 15, 2020

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fitness plan at home

The current health crisis has hit several industries hard. Health and fitness businesses, in particular, continue to face the challenge of retaining clients while adhering to lockdown protocols. Even though some cities have started allowing certain businesses to open their doors again, there is no guarantee for this change's permanence. As COVID-19 cases continue to rise, there is a possibility that another lockdown will be implemented, which will threaten recently opened businesses. Preparing for this scenario is essential to developing a business continuity plan that works for your organization.

Motivate Your Members

Your members will likely be the first to visit your fitness center when it's allowed again. They will also be the first ones to miss the routine they've had before the lockdown. Make sure their fitness needs are addressed even when they're at home.

  • Check up on your members and ask them how they want to continue with their fitness plan. Help them create a workout routine that they can easily accomplish at home.
  • Send your members something to motivate them and to remind them that they are part of a community. A customized silicone bracelet makes an excellent gift while doubling as a promotional tool.
  • Send daily text messages or emails that have words of encouragement. Remind members that they can still stay active even when they're at home.
  • Work with gym equipment suppliers to provide exclusive deals and offers to members who want to purchase equipment for their homes.

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Transition with Technology

Keep your trainers busy and employed, even when they're at home. Use technology to your advantage. Determine which of your services can be transitioned onto the digital landscape. Work with your employees to accomplish this.

  • Ask trainers to make video tutorials of different workouts to provide members and other clients with detailed guides for their routines.
  • Use Zoom or Skype to provide one-on-one consultations with members. Schedule these regularly to keep them on track with their goals.
  • Encourage members to submit videos of them working out to provide them with accurate comments and advice on their form.

Create New Offers

Most fitness centers get a portion of their revenue from walk-ins. That doesn't have to stop even during thelockdown. Create new offers that allow non-members to enjoy the same services they had access to before the health crisis.

  • Review your services and determine what should be kept exclusive to members and what can be offered to non-members.
  • Create short-term deals to entice non-member clients to sign up for exclusive services.
  • Provide new services that can attract new clients. Online fitness consultations, one-on-one training sessions with trainers, and personalized workout routines can be new sources of income for your fitness center.

Staying in business during these trying times is difficult for everyone. But it is particularly challenging for health and fitness businesses because of the physicality involved. Fortunately, there are several ways for you to keep your business open and your employees employed. Review your existing plan and determine how you can effectively adapt to the current situation.