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Five Popular Movie-themed Slot Games

  • October 6, 2021

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In recent times, video slots have increased in popularity in casinos in the UK, with movie-themed slots becoming such a popular option among players. It's no wonder that companies want to concentrate on this success by developing unique branded slots to differentiate themselves from the competitors in the market.

 If you are new to slots, you should register with a reputable brand as well as a supplier that offers a diverse range of slot machine themes. Also you’ll hear some strange slang Words on slot machines while playing.

 But if you're a new player to a page, it is also recommended that you take advantage of the welcome bonus offers that most slot services provide. Movies are a prevalent slot machine theme, and there are fantastic slot game themes available including vampire slot themes and many more that are ideal for fantasy fans or nostalgia buffs. 

Continue reading to learn why movie-themed slot machine games are so popular, as well as our top picks! You can find more interesting games at

Five awesome movie-themed slots to check out:

  1. The Goonies

Any follower of the classic 1980s film The Goonies will enjoy this slot machine bearing the same title. It's jam-packed with exciting bonus features such as Super Sloth free spins, Goonies Go Wild free spins, and One-Eyed Willy's bonus and is among the most popular slot machine games.

 The slot also includes fun music, the graphics of online slot games, and soundbites from the movie, attempting to make it a movie buff's dream come true. Prepare to do the truffle shuffle and claim your share of One-Eyed Willy's treasure because this is such a slot users can't afford to miss!

  1. Beetlejuice Megaways

This other cult classic from the 1980s has been turned into a branded slot. The game combines two popular slot machine themes: the Beetlejuice movie theme and the Megaways game licence. What isn't to absolutely adore about this? 

The Megaways mechanic provides multipliers, free spins, as well as a whopping 248,832 aspects to win. This, combined with the spooky music and Beetlejuice-themed visuals, makes for a fun and sentimental journey down memory lane.

  1. Beowulf

Enthusiasts of the 2007 fantasy movie Beowulf will enjoy this slot bearing the same title. It has striking visual effects and a sensational soundtrack that are appropriate for an incredible Viking-themed epic journey slot. 

This 5 x 4 video slot from Pragmatic Play includes free spins, a Super Respin Feature, as well as wins of up to 2,500x someone's bet. If you enjoy fantasy or the Beowulf film, this is a game you should try.

  1. Jurassic Wins

Jurassic Park steamrolled its path into our movie theatres in the early 1990s, and we've devoured the franchise since before. The slot game Jurassic Wins by supplier Slot Factory, which was released in 2020, is indeed a 5-reel slot that pays homage to both the film and also has real bite.  

The game mechanics seem to be simple, with spinning reels, free spins, a bonus round, as well as wins of up to 500 times your bet. Prepare to explore the dinosaur jungle and score some Jurassic wins. 

  1. Nightmare on Elm Street

Prepare for some spooky explorations on the reels with all of this branded game based on popular Elm Street films from the 1980s. It includes interactive features such as the Elm Street bonus round, free spins, and footage from the Elm Street movies. 

What distinguishes this marketed slot? Not only is it officially licenced, but it also has 2 different progressive jackpots: the Nightmare on Elm Street jackpot as well as the Freddy Krueger jackpot. If you enjoy progressive slots online or simply enjoy horror films, this really is the slot machine for you.


There is a plethora of TV as well as movie-themed slots games to endeavour. Whatever your favourite genre, there have been branded as well as non-branded slot machines that pay homage to the popular movies as well as genres. 

With game developers having to spend large sums of money to develop the right movie-themed slots, plenty more branded games are likely to hit online casinos in the coming years. Keep an eye out and spin the reels!