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For the Best Return on Your Investment for Building Enhancements, Look To Improve Structural Elements

  • September 21, 2019

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Everyone is always looking to get a good return on their investment when it comes to home improvements or building enhancements. Home improvement projects are more for where you live, and building enhancement projects are more for where you work if you own your business. 

Specifically, for business matters, improving structural elements and keeping them maintained can make a massive difference in the evaluation of your business finances.

So what are some of these structural elements that you can invest in? First, start with the roof. It is the part of your building that gets the most sun, rain, wind, and abuse from the elements. Having a roof that leaks can cause extensive amounts of damage to your building or your stock as well. 

Second, invest in some parking lot infrastructure. Even if you don't feel like there are immediate financial benefits to this, the fact that you will have happy customers and solid curb appeal will make a difference in the long run. Third, pay close attention to your doors and windows. These are structural elements that not only provide insulation against the elements, but they also make a difference regarding how welcoming your business looks.

Start with the Roof

Especially for commercial buildings, repairing and maintaining a roof is an essential activity. If you drive through an industrial district, you will note very clearly that the places that have a well-maintained roof also look positively maintained elsewhere. One of the first signs of decay or neglect in a building is the top of its structure looking rusted, broken, or in disrepair.

Parking Lot Infrastructure

Make sure your parking lot infrastructure is maintained. That means the pavement should be smooth, and there should be no cracks or weeds growing through in places that look bad. And all of the parking spaces are clearly marked. 

This initial sense of detail orientation will signify to your potential customers and clients that you take their comfort and their judgment seriously. Again, if you compare a business that has a good parking lot with one that doesn't, you immediately can judge the integrity of the ownership.

Doors and Windows

Finally, doors and windows are extremely important structural elements of any business. Beyond the usual type of check that you would make for a residence, have a professional go through and seal the doors and windows, so you know you aren't wasting any money on energy bills. 

Additionally, the areas around doors and windows tend to collect dirt and grime more quickly than other places, and any customers that see this will be less likely to judge you positively.