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Four Things To Know About Uber Before Driving

  • September 11, 2020

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Four Things To Know About Uber Before Driving

Although the pandemic has cut down the number of side-hustling opportunities, there are still a few options for those determined to boost their income. Since public transportation is always essential, Uber is still on the table for those willing to put themselves out there. Because it’s important to examine any money-making venture before jumping into it, we’ve compiled a list of four things to know about Uber before driving.

COVID-19 Has Affected Uber Too

Even though Uber is up and running, it’s still impacted by the pandemic. Uber now requires its drivers to wear face masks while transporting passengers or making food deliveries. If you have a medical condition that makes wearing a face mask difficult or impossible, Uber may be a tough gig for you. If you don’t have a cloth face mask, you can reach out to Uber and get a complimentary one.

How the Rating System Works

Most people know this, but those who ride with Uber can rate their drivers on a scale of one to five stars. Your scores are compiled together to make your “Uber driver rating.” What you may not be aware of is that this rating doesn’t just determine whether people will want to get in your car. If your driver rating dips below 4.6, you may be asked to leave Uber.

Another fact most people don’t know about Uber before driving is that Uber’s rating system goes both ways. Passengers rate the driver, but the drivers also rate the passengers. That means if you have a passenger who is unruly or belligerent, you can let Uber know. You also get to know what a passenger’s score is before you pick them up, so you can avoid the ones who tend to give their drivers a hard time.

You’ll Get a…Variety of Passengers

Although most passengers are inclined toward raising their passenger rating, you may not always get ones who are focused on being considerate. Like in any job, you may get passengers who are downright rude. You may also get ones who aren’t intentionally rude but don’t necessarily realize that certain behaviors are awkward or irritating, like asking personal questions or backseat driving. Also keep in mind that if you are driving on a Friday or Saturday night, you are likely to get some inebriated passengers, and inebriated passengers may get sick. If you aren’t prepared to interact with humanity in all its glorious forms, maybe think of opening an Etsy shop instead.

You Can Rent

The thing about Uber is that you typically have to supply your own vehicle. However, if you don’t have a car, you can rent one. In fact, there are car rental services specifically designed for ride-share drivers. These companies usually have you take out a contract of a few weeks, which allows greater flexibility if you’re not sure you want to stick with Uber and don’t want to be saddled with car payments.