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8 Fun & Quirky Valentine’s Day Ideas For Less

  • January 23, 2018

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Great contributed post today on 8 fun Valentine's Day ideas for less. Make it a special night with your significant other, but don't break the bank. Enjoy -- and leave your thoughts in the comments!

fun valentines day ideas for less

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and all of you loved up people are very possibly already planning what you want to do for the big day. However, all that stuff can get a little bit pricey, and when you are making your life together and trying to save up for other things it can be difficult to afford it.

However, there are some great ways to show the one you love how much you love them this year without breaking the bank, so here are some ideas for you.

Invest together

Not necessarily the most romantic option out there, but use a site like Fundrise or look on the stock market and invest some money together. If you are saving up for a holiday or a home together this could actually turn into a beautiful surprise for you both.

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A chore for a chore

As a sweet gesture, why not do the washing up this week to stop your partner from having to do it? It will give them a break and mean that they are able to relax.

A mix tape

If you want to make that classic romantic gift for the one you love, you can make a mix tape for your partner. Make sure that you include all of the songs you both love as a couple and which you feel define who you are together.

Hand-Written Note

There’s nothing cuter than a love letter written to your loved one. It won’t cost you any money at all and you can write it as long or short as you like. It will be a lovely surprise from them on the morning of Valentine’s Day.

Instagram Photo Book

Find all of your favorite Instagram snaps together and print them into a photo album or even take them into a canvas for your home together.

Bulk Buy Flowers

If you and your friend are both planning on getting a bunch of flowers for your love you can buy them in bulk together and this will save you money on the flowers on the long run. Or instead of buying a bunch of flowers buy a potted plant which will last longer.

Cook together

Instead of going out for dinner to a restaurant, make your own date night by lighting some candles in the house buying in some wine and getting in the kitchen together. Cooking together can be fun and you can experiment with foods or just stick to a safe option. Pizza would be a great option because you can make him do the kneading and then choose your own toppings each.

DIY Gift Basket

The fun thing about Valentine’s Day is that you can really do anything in there. You could make a hamper or basket which is full of treats and drinks or make a theme like a movie night with a romantic DVD in there. You could also make a spa themed pack for your both and have a fun night in.