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Fun Wedding Welcome Bag Ideas That Won’t Hurt Your Pocket

  • February 21, 2022

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wedding welcome bag

Wedding planning can be a challenge depending on how much help you can get. Not only that, but they could also get costly. The average cost of a wedding in 2021 was $21,500, as per a Business Insider report. This only means the wedding itself isn't the only thing you should carefully plan for. You should focus on all the things you'll spend money on.

One of the things that are easy to decide on is the welcome bag. These are items that you'll give your wedding guests. While planning for this stuff is easy, it can be slightly different if you're sticking with a budget. You may plan to spend more on other things and cut costs on your goodie bags, but you also want to make sure that your welcome bags are valuable and memorable.

If you're thinking of the best wedding welcome bag inclusions, you've come to the right place. We've listed some that you may want to consider for your wedding freebies.

Tote Bags

Tote bags in weddings are pretty common since this is where wedding goodies can be put. But if you want to make it unique, there are ways to do so. The first one is giving out environmental-friendly tote bags. Find a way to remind your guests that they should be forever bound with that tote bag, just like you and your spouse. That's because the world currently has a problem with cotton tote bags with the way they're overhyped. It's said that they may also be causing environmental issues with the amount of tote bags people have. Meanwhile, you can also be creative and commission an artist to paint those tote bags. You can have their names painted on those to make it more personal. This way, your guests will be fond of these bags and opt to use them every day. Aside from saving the environment, you're also saving some money.

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Beauty and Bath Essentials

People love receiving posh things as gifts for their weddings. Aside from that, people love things that they can truly use. So if you're planning to give out goodies, make it beauty and bath essentials. Get those bath bombs you've been using and make your guests try the wonder of these soaps. You can also order bulk fragrance oil as part of your wedding freebies. Get yourself big discounts if you buy more. You can include towels, scented candles, and other beauty and bath items. They would look fancy, but they're inexpensive. Your guests will surely love it if you include these items in your welcome bags.


Wedding ceremonies can be long enough to make your guests hungry. Why not give them snacks that they can munch on while watching you two get wed? Let your guests eat early. You can include almonds in the package and pair them with chocolate candies. That would keep your guests awake in your wedding ceremony. A cupcake can also do the job or any other sweets that can keep your guests' spirits up. Popcorn and string cheese will make your guests feel like they're watching a movie where the love story is unfolding. Include bottled water too to quench their thirst. These snacks can also serve as appetizers before you get the wedding food out.

Destination-themed Items

Some weddings can really get expensive. In destination weddings, you must have a strict plan to follow. That's from the guest list to logistics. You have to make the simplest things be one less worry off your back. Your goodie bag should be one of those. Say you're planning a beach wedding, you can base the content of your welcome bags on your wedding theme. Include sunglasses, sunscreen, cute bracelets, and anything beach-related. Make sure that these items are something that they can use while they're on the beach. Choose items that are cheap but very useful in the place where your wedding will be held.


This can be one of the cutest ideas you can do for your wedding freebies. You can buy one of those cameras that can also print what you just took pictures of. Get someone to photograph your guests and their best moments in your wedding. You can also have you and your spouse photographed. Take a picture with your guests. You can then have those photos printed right at your wedding venue. Include those photos in your guests' goodie bags. That'll be an excellent souvenir for them-something you can provide without spending much money.

You can save money on your wedding freebies for your guests by picking cheap items. Just always keep in mind that you have to put a lot of thought and effort into these freebies. That's because it's the thought that counts when it comes to gifting.