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Are You Missing Crucial Health Checkpoints? This Cheat Sheet Will Help

  • January 7, 2018

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We have a great contributed post and infographic here from the team at Hims on health checkpoints for all ages. Love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

health checkpoints

With the New Year finally upon us, many people seek to make healthier lifestyle choices in the hopes of improving their overall health. This is a powerful first step in the right direction, however it’s just that, a first step. Most of us find it difficult to know what we should and shouldn’t be doing because of the vast information overload the Internet gives us.

Luckily, companies like Hims have created some easy to read “health cheat sheets” such as this one to help ease our minds. Hims will give you a discreet online consultation as well as doctor reviewed articles and access to any products you may need.

The graphic is broken down into three different age groups, and clearly defines what you should be getting check for according to age and gender. For those of us between the ages of 20-39 blood-pressure, yearly immunizations, and clinical breast exams for women are important. Depending on your family history, it’s a good idea to be checked for other conditions such as diabetes.

Upon reaching the ages of 40-65, we should start getting checked for various types of cancer such as colon cancer and lung cancer (if you’re a smoker). Women may also want to consider getting yearly mammogram test based on family history.

Once we get into the later stages of life (65 years and up). It’s important to get a bone density test. According to medlineplus this is especially true for women after menopause.

Lastly, a good diet coupled with exercise and the right informational resources will help you stay on track to having your healthiest New Year yet.

Infographic: Health Checkpoints At Every Age You Won't Want To Miss


health checkpoints