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Helpful Ideas For A Beautiful Yet Low-Maintenance Garden

  • July 3, 2019

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Helpful Ideas For A Beautiful Yet Low-Maintenance Garden

Are you always wondering why you spend so much time and resources in your garden? Or maybe you’ve moved property and have acquired a garden, and you don't wish to invest too much of your time in keeping it maintained, or are completely new to the world of gardening? If anything mentioned above sounds familiar to you, then the low maintenance garden is probably just what you need!

Whether you love your small vegetable patch or want that amazing water feature, there will be plenty of ways to minimalize your garden labor. It is important to make sure in focusing your efforts on one particular thing and minimize maintenance work everywhere else.

Here are some helpful ideas and tips for doing it yourself and embracing a beautiful yet low-maintenance garden.

Creating a Low-Maintenance Garden

Keep all plantation and vegetation varieties down to a minimum, the fewer plants that you grow in your garden, the less time you spend pruning and de-weeding. You can even go one step further to remove all plants and lay a patio or gravel garden. As far as low maintenance goes there anything more low maintenance than them. Of course, if you’re not favorable of reducing all plantation, you could have them in pots for easy relocation and garden adjustments.

As mentioned above, reducing the amount of ‘gardening’ is the key aspects for a low maintenance garden and lawns demand lots of care and attention. But how can one replace such a crucial feature? 

Reduce The Lawn

If your garden has a large size patch of grass in your garden, it will need regular feeding, watering, and mowing, which overall adds up to a lot of time and effort. Scaling back the size of the lawn will mean less to contend with and manage. Decking, designed paving, gravel, and even woodchip are ways are keeping the lawn to a minimum. 

Create An Outdoor Living Space

A guaranteed satisfactory way to make your garden gorgeous and easy to keep up with is to include a seating area, on top of some suitably easy to clean paving slabs that prevent weeds from springing up.

Compartmentalize Any Planting Spaces

By all means have some colorful flowers and plants in your garden, but the idea is to contain them. If you planted them in pots or small to medium raised wooden beds, you could arrange them in areas and you won't have to worry about pruning or keeping them in check. Be sure to pick unfussy plants. There are plenty of varieties that need very little in the way of ongoing care. Evergreens are another safe bet as they are year-round low-care plants, but steer clear of creepers as they are rather irrepressible.

Swap Beds For Shrubs

Instead of having flower beds and borders, why not look to have shrubs and hedges instead, as, with these, there won’t be any need to worry about the seasonal display maintenance and can just run a hedge trimmer round every a few times a year. If you like the idea of completely eradicating any hedge-cutting or shrub pruning look to have a fence or fencing mesh as having these installed would instantly reduce any future arduous maintenance.

Having a low-maintenance garden doesn't mean a garden that is empty and bland. It means you can spend more time enjoying your garden rather than working to enjoy it. What do you do so you can spend more time relaxing in your zone of peaceful tranquility? Let us know in the comments below.