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Helpful Ideas for Improving Productivity at Work

  • October 1, 2019

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Helpful Ideas for Improving Productivity at Work

The daily grind of working life can wear down even the best workers over time. As burnout starts to set in, workplace productivity can begin to suffer. To stave off against the negative effects of inefficiency, here are five helpful ideas for improving productivity at work.

Supply the necessary tools

A business should run like a well-oiled machine. Without the proper tools and software, however, that machine likely won’t run as smoothly as it could. To keep your business running smoothly, be sure to provide employees with all the tools they need to succeed. Providing multiple methods of communication will help employees stay in contact with every member of their team. Email, instant messaging, and video conferencing will ensure they receive information on time. Providing more efficient software is also a great way to increase overall productivity at work.

Provide quality training opportunities

Productivity and efficiency should not come at the sacrifice of quality. Providing your staff with exceptional training is the best way to ensure they complete tasks within their deadline and according to expected quality levels. Offer training opportunities regularly, not just during the initial onboarding process for new employees. These training opportunities will provide employees a chance to ask any questions they may have regarding their duties or the company’s current processes. Employees may even be able to offer additional suggestions and ideas for improving productivity at work.

Regularly check in with employees

If you begin to notice a lack of productivity amongst employees, it may be an indication of deeper-rooted issues. Scheduling regular one-on-one check-ins with employees will allow you to get to the base of any issues an employee might be facing. Meeting with employees one-on-one will help them feel more comfortable speaking candidly and will help you better understand them as an individual. Discussing goals, work performance, and addressing any concerns they may have will go a long way in inspiring your team members to give it their all every day.

Encourage breaks

It may seem counterintuitive, but encouraging regular breaks is a great way to improve productivity among employees. Working on the same task all day long, with only one lunch break, can quickly lead to burnout. Encouraging employees to step away from their desks, even for just a few moments, will help them clear their heads and give them the motivation to return to the task with a renewed passion. Socializing with other coworkers during their breaks will also encourage better team collaboration, which can significantly improve productivity.

Know when to take a step back

Perhaps the hardest skill a leader must learn is when to step away and give their team some space. It’s very hard to do exceptional work when someone is constantly looking over your shoulder. Micromanaging will only serve to make employees more anxious. As the saying goes, a watched pot never boils—overseeing every minor detail of your employee’s day will likely hurt performance and productivity. Providing proper training and learning to delegate tasks will help reduce employee anxiety and lead to an overall increase in productivity.