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3 Things You Need To Know About The High Stakes Housing Market

  • August 7, 2018

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high stakes housing market

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When it comes to house selling, most of us don’t think twice about pursuing the standard market. You know the drill: real estate agents, for sale signs, and endless viewings. All the usual stuff. In fact, many of us don’t even consider there’s an alternative.

In reality though, buy for cash companies like the one found at are fast changing the face of the housing market. Real estate agents are no longer the only option. What's more, many homeowners are making the most of this fact.

Admittedly, fast sale sites often involve taking a hit on price. Hence why many are still reluctant to make the switch. But, even the traditional housing market is now a high-risk place from a financial angle. As such, taking that initial hit might not be such a bad thing. To prove that point, let’s consider the high-stakes you face if you opt to sell the standard way.

High fees

Perhaps the most obvious risk here is that of agent fees. Most realtors charge pretty hefty percentages for their services. And, with many now having to advertise on various platforms, those rates only look set to rise. As if that weren’t enough, you’d also need to worry about property lawyers like those found at

Then, you’d need to pay for things like house surveys before even hitting the market. In short; house sales are a high-fee business. By comparison, selling to a cash company would save you having to worry about any of this. As such, you may find it’s cheaper after all. Do your research before making a decision either way. Then, you can take the most financially viable path.

High wait times

It’s also worth noting that the traditional housing market comes with high wait times. Even a fast sale here could leave you waiting at least three months for financial gain. Cash buying companies, however, could see money in your account in days.

As such, it’s also worth asking whether you can wait. If you’re looking for fast financial relief, the traditional market simply won’t serve your interests. What’s more, you’ll need to continue paying your mortgage and bills in the interim. If your financial situation isn’t in good shape, then, there’s no way you could go down this route.

High risk of bargaining

Lastly, note that the traditional market leads to a high risk for bargaining when it comes to offers. The majority of homebuyers will offer at least a few grand beneath the asking price. Hence, that higher price you thought you could command will be undercut anyway.

When you opt for a fast sale, however, you can guarantee the amount you’ll receive from the off. This ensures you can remain realistic about how much you’ll have in the bank when it comes to moving forward. And, that can be a huge help at a stressful time. If you don’t want to take the risk on wriggle room, then, perhaps putting your house up for sale would be a mistake.