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Hobbies That Can Become a Business

  • May 3, 2021

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Hobbies That Can Become a Business

Sometimes, living by “all work and no play” can be very frustrating. Sure, we take breaks and time off here and there, but for the most part, we work so we can squeeze in a little time now and then to enjoy things we love to do—things like hobbies. What if you took a long look at your favorite hobby and thought about whether or not it’s marketable? There are several hobbies that can become a business. Let’s look at some ideas.


Of all the hobbies out there, writing requires nothing more than a laptop (or pad of paper) and of course, the gift of writing. If that’s your gift, you can absolutely generate income with it.

There are plenty of freelance opportunities available. You just have to put yourself out there. Or start submitting to magazines and newspapers in hopes of getting noticed.

Writing is needed everywhere. Don’t underestimate its value as just a hobby.


Thanks to digital cameras and editing tools online, if you have a good eye and a knack for the right shot, you can turn your hobby of photography into a business.

Offer to take portrait pictures of friends and family for free to build your portfolio. Then you can use that to advertise your photography business.

Weddings, parties, families who want good photos—there are plenty of opportunities to turn one’s hobby of photography into a business.


For many, woodworking is a lost art—but not to the woodworking hobbyist. For you, working with wood every day would be a dream come true. Most people appreciate the high level of quality found in solid wood construction and would be thrilled to find you’re starting a business doing just that.

Build your collection of woodworking treasures and have a sale twice a year from your garage. Or take special orders from friends and family while creating a website to build the business even further.

Cooking or Baking

Let’s face it—no one has a gathering without food. We love to eat when we gather!

If you are a skilled baker or chef, please share with the rest of us. A catering business is in your future. Weddings, parties, or private dinners for two are greatly appreciated by everyone involved, including yourself, as you earn an income doing what you love.

Arts and Crafts

There’s a niche for everything, and arts and crafts have plenty of niches.

With the use of online platforms, selling creations has never been easier. Many people prefer to purchase art and crafty items from local or burgeoning artists.

Take advantage of that movement and start expressing yourself while making money at the same time.


Who doesn’t enjoy live music? Do you play an instrument or sing like nobody’s business in the shower? Why not form a band and make a little cash on the weekends playing at the local pub?

If pubs aren’t your thing, you may enjoy teaching music lessons right out of your home or traveling to the homes of clients. Adults and children alike are always searching for teachers.

In conclusion, the hobbies that can become a business are the ones someone loves doing. Your passion will shine through and become contagious to others, and that is a great start when it comes to business.