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5 Awesome Ways You Can Set Up Your Home Gym

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Do you work out? No, I'm not trying to pick you up. I'm legitimately asking. Maybe a better question is do you have time? Enter the home gym.

Now, I realize you may be reading this and not have a basement. Or maybe you live in an apartment and you don't have a lot of extra space. I'm here to tell you that it's ok.

You don't need a ton of room to have a functional home gym in your house, apartment, or place of business. You just need to get creative, have a little money to invest in the project, and be willing to do some upfront work.

Check out these posts on creating a home gym that will leave you feeling like it's possible for you too. These people are really creative. Enjoy!

Some Items You May Need for Your Gym

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Get The Home Gym of Your Dreams -- and Start Sweating!

So, there you have it. You have a game plan for creating your home gym on a budget. Are you ready to tackle this DIY project?

This is a rare chance where DIY meets fitness. But, it will definitely serve you and your family well in the long run. And you what? We hit on a money topic here too because you're doing it on the cheap. So a trifecta!

I'm having too much fun here. Anyway, let us know what you thought of these ideas.

Send some of your own tips and pics. We would love to see how your own gym turned out! Leave a comment below -- and share this on Facebook and Pinterest!

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