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How HCG Can Improve Your Weight Loss Journey

  • January 31, 2020

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hCG and weight loss

Losing weight can be quite the task, especially if you've tried everything you can think of to shed those pounds. Exercising, doing yoga, eating less fat, cutting out sugar and drinking more water are just a few methods that people try in order to lose weight. But what about hCG, also known as human chorionic gonadotropin?

By researching hcg online you might be confused about what it is. hCG is a hormone women produce during pregnancy to help the embryo and fetus develop in the womb. This hormone is what helps determine whether or not a pregnancy test is positive. But what does hCG have to do with weight loss if it only serves pregnant mothers? The hormone doesn't just benefit pregnant women, it can also offer other benefits to the body such as weight loss.

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The Basics of the hCG Diet

Supporters of hCG claim that taking the hormone can reduce feelings of hunger and support weight loss. It can also increase the body's metabolism. Having a faster metabolism can promote weight loss because the body burns fat faster than it can be restored. When your body metabolizes the food and drinks it consumes, those nutrients and (sometimes fats) have to go somewhere. If someone has a slower metabolism, the chances of being overweight and obese can increase significantly.

The hCG diet can help with this. This diet combines a daily hCG shot with a strict diet to promote weight loss. The idea is that by combining a faster metabolism with a calorie-restricted diet, it will help dieters lose weight faster.

For the best results, it is recommended that you limit your calories to 500 a day for 8 weeks while taking hCG. This means that you should have two meals a day, which is lunch and dinner. You can have one protein, one type of vegetable, one serving of bread and one fruit. The hCG diet avoids fatty fish such as tuna and salmon, nuts, potatoes and other starchy vegetables, sugar and fats such as butter and oils. These are considered high-calorie foods, which can hinder weight loss and the effectiveness of the hCG shot.

3 Phases of the hCG Diet

The hCG diet consists of three main phases. They include:

  • Phase 1: During this stage, which typically lasts two days, you begin taking the hCG shot. You can eat as much as you want. Doing so allows you to build up calories and fats. Your body will use these fat stores in the later stages of the diet.
  • Phase 2: At this point, you'll have to restrict your calorie intake to 500 a day. You can remain at this stage for three to six weeks.
  • Phase 3: This stage allows you to discontinue the shot and gradually increase your food intake.

If you have any doubts about hCG and its effect on weight loss, be sure to do thorough research. Also, consult with your doctor to make sure the treatment is right for you, your health and your lifestyle.