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How to Bring Customers Back After COVID-19

  • June 24, 2020

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How to Bring Customers Back After COVID-19

COVID-19 hit businesses across the country like a punch in the stomach. Overnight, businesses both small and large were told to close their doors. Some were able to transfer their workforce to a remote set up and continue. Small retailers, bars, restaurants, and other businesses weren’t so lucky and have been closed for many months. Restrictions are lifting in pockets around the country and, eventually, we will be back to normal. For the small shops and restaurants that survived, there is a new challenge in bringing customers back. We have some tips on how to bring customers back after COVID-19 and save your business.

Make an Announcement on Your Website and Social Media

Before you open for business again, start teasing it on your website and social media. When you know your reopening date, start putting it on the web. Do this across every channel that you have available so that your message is out there. Start doing blog posts, update your social media accounts daily, buy banner ads and pop-ups—do everything you possibly can. There won’t be time to waste once you open your doors, so make your customers excited about it.

Send an Email Blast

Devise an email campaign for your customers. You have their email address, so use them to your advantage. Your most loyal customers might check your site often but not everyone will be as engaged. An email campaign is an easy way to get the word out and directly into your customer’s inbox. It increases the chance they will see you are open again.

Update Your Google Business Listing

The first place people look is Google. They are looking for information about businesses that are open. Not everyone will open their doors at the same time, so it’s important to update your Google business listing. If yours still says “closed due to the pandemic,” potential customers won’t even click your link. That is the first thing you should be doing and it’s the easiest step.

Put Signs in the Window

If you have a brick-and-mortar business, don’t forget to do the obvious thing. Not everything has to be high-tech and web-based. Sometimes, the simplest solution is the easiest one. Put a giant sign in your window that you are open once again. Put one on the roof and put another on the sidewalk. There are various types of outdoor signs for your business; make sure to utilize a number of them. Everywhere and anywhere you are permitted to put signage, do it. Foot traffic and street traffic will see that you are open again and stop in.

Offer an Exclusive Discount

Bringing customers back after COVID-19 involves more than just spreading the word. The pandemic affected everyone’s finances, not just your business. People are watching their money closer now more than ever and won’t part with it as readily. Offer an exclusive discount for the first week or so after opening. Entice customers by supporting them in a time of need. Give limited-time subscriber content or deep discounts on your products.