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How to Develop a YouTube Strategy for your Brand

  • August 19, 2020

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How to Develop a YouTube Strategy for your Brand

With over five billion views per day, YouTube is the content king. People all over the world log on to the platform to watch a wide variety of content. That means there is an opportunity to connect with your current customer base and reach new people at the same time. YouTube has evolved from funny cat videos to more serious content— even major news outlets utilize the platform. The tech boom is leading to more opportunities for expanding your brand. It’s important to rep your brand everywhere, including in the office, on the street, and in the virtual space. Use these tips on how to develop a YouTube strategy for your brand to increase your influence.

Know Your Audience

Engaging people and getting views is the goal, so it’s important to know what consumers want to see. Whatever your business or product, you should gear your content around your brand and audience. Research your key demographic and play to their interests. For instance, if you want to engage 18-45-year-old males, you should avoid posting content about makeup tips. Know your target and go get them.

Create Lean-Back Content

A viral video isn’t the only way to get viewers to your channel. The way people consume video content is constantly changing. People are attached to their phones and use them for many things, including YouTube, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only way they watch. People don’t want short, two-minute videos all the time. They will often sit down and watch longer content, just like they are watching TV. So, create longer, more informative content, and people will watch.

Partner with Others

YouTube and influencer marketing have had a very fruitful partnership for quite a while. Brand partnerships with influencers who have huge followings are a great form of guerilla marketing. The important thing to remember, though, is to know the influencer. Make sure that your key demographic watches them and that they don’t produce controversial content. Recently, there have been some influencers who made serious missteps, dragging their advertisers down with them.

Utilize SEO Strategies

Search engine optimization (SEO) is important when creating content. Original and engaging content is the number one priority, but you still want to get as many eyes on your channel as possible. Using SEO tactics will ensure the search engines find your content. Use important branding keywords in your title and descriptions. Customized thumbnails are also effective for getting views, with a branded design helping create familiarity and consistency for viewers.

Always Have a Call to Action

Developing a YouTube strategy for your brand doesn’t have to be complex. The easiest thing you can do for your brand is include a call to action. This is also the thing most creators forget to do. At the end of your description, throw in a simple phrase such as, “check out our website,” or “what did you think? Comment below.” It doesn’t seem like much, but it’s an effective way to keep people engaged with your content and brand.