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How To Face Up to Stress

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how to face up to stress

If you’ve found yourself feeling the pressure mounting of late and the stress of work getting to you more and more, it might be time to take a step back and have a look at how you’re feeling, really feeling.

The busyness of our lives often means we power through, ignoring the obvious signs of stress and work-induced anxiety. When we do finally notice, often it’s too late but before we get to that state there is much that we can do to deal with the symptoms.

Talk it Out

Be honest with how you’re doing. Whether it’s money worries that are the problem, or an increased load at work with little in the way of support, then find someone to talk to about how the stress is getting to you.

A doctor is the obvious first step, but if you don’t feel you’re ready to take that step then find a friend, family member or your partner. Chances are the people closest to you will have noticed some changes in you already and just be relieved you’ve finally admitted that there’s something going on.

Make the Change

If financial issues are getting you down, then it’s time to stop ignoring the problem and take action. If you’re facing mounting debts, talk to a debt counselor who will be able to help you arrange a repayment scheme for each creditor or work out if it’s easier to consolidate the loans into one with a covering loan from somewhere like for example.

You might be facing pressures at work, in which case now is the time to talk to your manager about delegating some of your tasks, or helping you find a way through them that takes some of the burden off of you. If that can’t happen then you’ll need to readdress your task list and come up with some more realistic deadlines for fulfilling your projects.

If you are able to, take some time out for yourself. This doesn’t necessarily mean you should take time off sick or jump on a plane but even some time spent exercising and practicing deep breathing exercises is going to help you find some space and a sense of peace.

The pressures of modern life and our determination to keep going at any cost are often just that, costly. They affect our mental and physical health as well as that of the people around us, especially loved ones.

No job, no matter how much money it brings in is worth your health so learn to prioritize all that’s important to you and say no when you need to. Put strong boundaries in place and colleagues will soon learn that you aren’t taking on anything else.

Be honest with those around you and make feeling better your number one priority in life. This may mean you need to take action on the things that are getting to you, such as money, but once you do a weight will be lifted and you’ll be back in control and ready for the future.

  • This sounds fabulous. Getting frustrated will increase your problems. Whether its a mental and physical health you need to clear your mind and take wonderful sleep. It will help you.

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