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How To Get the Most From Your Kitchen

  • April 1, 2021

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Get the Most From Your Kitchen

Homeowners frequently use the kitchen. Meals and snacks, whether fancy or simple, take time and demand cleanup. This time is less cumbersome when the room is designed efficiently. If you have tight quarters, you may not think it's possible to get more from the space. It's possible, though, that tweaks in the organization could open up more options and enhance the area's appearance. Consider the following four changes.

1. Organize the Cabinets

Look beyond the traditional shelves to see the potential for more space. If you get creative with your product shopping, you can find several options to get more from that open hole. For example, don't just pile up pots and pans. Hang them from the bottom of the shelves using sturdy hooks. This switch leaves an area for other appliances and (with the right items) acts as a modern style accessory.

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Moving inside, look for dividers for baking sheets and lids. With them standing upright, locate what you require quickly. Risers also create more levels. Pick them up for spice sections. Finally, objects such as coffee cups could hang from hooks within the upper shelving. It's a fun look and easy to grab and go for a caffeine pick-me-up.

2. Purchase a Moveable Island

Islands offer an opportunity for more surface space, but if it's tight quarters, you don't want it out all day. Browse for a fun cart, compliments your aesthetics and houses platters and serving equipment. It becomes easily accessible. Wheels for carts enhance this even more. Lock it in place when cooking. Quickly glide it back to a corner when finished.

3. Deep Clean Regularly

It's tempting to leave half-open bags in the pantry. These accumulate, cluttering up the area. Every month, go through and evaluate what you have and if it's worth storing. Toss stale food or expired products, and get rid of anything unnecessary.

4. Store Belongings on the Wall

Yep, the wall makes a great storage place. In the past, everything had to hide. Now, it's fashionable to show off your knives and plates. Magnet strips permit knives to stay off the countertop. Instead, they hang on the kitchen backsplash. If little kids are in the house, this decision elevates cutlery from small hands as well.

Measure the side of a cabinet near the sink. Rather than setting a drying rack on the counter, move it onto the wall.

Final Word: Get The Most From Your Kitchen

With a bit of ingenuity and some online or in-store hunting, you might modify your kitchen to suit your lifestyle. These adaptations don't have to be overwhelming. A few organizational tools could make cooking more straightforward and enjoyable.