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How to Make Pre-Employment Hiring Process Easier with Ramsay Test

  • September 14, 2021

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The hiring process can be tedious and erroneous if employers solely rely on resumes. Candidates might likely overstate concerning their personality, attributes, and cognition skills. The academic qualification skills might be misleading and unreliable.

On the contrary, pre-developed aptitude tests can be the most reliable way of getting work-related details about a candidate. Published in 2004, the Ramsay Mechanical Aptitude Test is designed to help employers gather detailed information about a candidate’s mechanical skills. The test helps make the hiring process easier.

What skills are tested in a Ramsay test?

Depending on the entry-level and job demand, the Ramsay test covers four main areas although an employer may request a customized test. Candidates are tested for their mechanical reasoning abilities as per industry demands.

The pre-employment test also measures how fast a candidate can learn and do maintenance tasks and their experience in the management and oversight of industrial production.  They must also be tested on their ability to apply basic principles of mechanical knowledge fit for their work.

Which format does the Ramsay test follow?

Candidates get thirty-six multiple-choice questions that must be answered within twenty minutes. This is the same format candidates will find when practicing using the Ramsay exam practice test and that’s why most candidates who are familiar with this practice test easily pass the real test.

The purpose of the test is not to test the examinee’s previous knowledge, but their learning ability. The questions concentrate more on the general science and simple tools, production, and maintenance. They are simple questions like which side to turn a screw when unscrewing or which can empty faster than the other.

Which occupations are best suited for the Ramsay test?

Generally, the Ramsay test is fit for all fields that involve industrial production, machines, and maintenance. It’s the best test for technicians, machine operators, handlers, production teams, mechanics, and tool setters.

What benefits will employers get by using the Ramsay test during the hiring process

The Ramsay pre-employment test offers several benefits to employers. The most significant benefits are offering a streamlined recruitment process and giving companies opportunities to grow by recruiting candidates with the right skills. There are many other benefits as follows:

Firstly, with the right employees, the company is destined for a higher level of productivity. Secondly, most companies that use the Ramsay test have a higher employee retention rate. They save more money on hiring and training new employees often.

Thirdly, the Ramsay test is a time-saving process and it has proved to be more efficient. Finally, the test uses proven and tested metrics and its results can be relied upon compared to the use of CVs and resumes. With employees with the right skills, customers get more satisfied and monthly sales increase leading to higher turnover.  

What other Ramsay tests are there?

There are several other Ramsay tests that different companies use to test their candidates during the pre-employment or pre-promotion process. The most popular is the Ramsay Electrical and Ramsay basic skills test.

The Ramsay electrical test is customized for candidates applying to work in the electrical department in any company. These are positions like electrical technicians, maintenance technicians, and electricians. The test is divided into eight categories and although it’s not timed, you should finish it in about an hour.

The eight sections are motors section, analog and digital, circuits, maintenance, power supply, test tools, power distribution, and mechanical power.

The basic skills test is done by employees applying to work in the manufacturing department and processing/monitoring departments. Candidates tackle fifty-two questions divided into four sections. The four sections are reading, inspection/measurement, arithmetic, and problem-solving/monitoring.

A less common Ramsay test is the people skills test which is taken by employees wishing to work in higher ranking positions like team leaders, sales managers, HR, and so on. The test is divided into four sections. They are dependability skills, customer service/sales, leadership/management, and team knowledge. Employers may also request customized tests depending on their industry need.

How will employers access the Ramsay test?

The Ramsay test is available in the English and Spanish languages. Employers may choose to test their employees on a supervised basis using the print copy test. This test can be done in a specified location or on the company premises.

The test can also be taken online under unsupervised conditions. If an employee wants to be sure the candidate didn’t search online for possible answers during the test-taking process, they may choose to use the print condition.