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How To Make Your Vacation Rental Stand Out

  • May 25, 2022

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How To Make Your Vacation Rental Stand Out

Summer is coming, and with the blazing weather comes a flood of folks ready to vacation. If you’re the owner of a vacation rental, this busy season can make you a lot of money; you just have to ensure your rental is up to snuff so that it attracts ample guests. If you’re wondering how to make your vacation rental stand out so you can rack in the bookings, here are our top tips.

Market With Professional Quality Photos

Blurry, low-quality photos won’t impress potential guests; in fact, they’re likely to turn them away. If you want to wow vacationers from the get-go, you need professional, high-quality photos of your rental.

While you can take quality photos with most phones and cameras nowadays, and Photoshop is a lifesaver for making last-minute touches, another option you might want to consider is hiring a professional home photographer. They’re cheaper than you think, with the average cost for one being around 120 dollars per hour. You can make that amount back with one or two bookings, and your new photos will get you more than that!

Write a Detailed Description

Short and vague descriptions are an easy way to drive away potential renters who may be concerned that you’re leaving out important details. Your description should be strong and detailed; mention cleaning processes, how many bedrooms and baths the rental has, and main amenities. And don’t forget to include alluring descriptors, like “charming,” “close to the town and beach,” or “great for families.”

Invest in Attractive Upgrades

Think: what kind of amenities would make you click that “book” button? A jacuzzi? Free Wi-Fi? A chef’s kitchen? Some rental owners can be hesitant to make these costly upgrades, but don’t think about the upfront cost—think about the return on your investment! Generally, the best rooms to renovate are the bathroom, where a spa-like feel is a must, and the main bedroom, where the cozier it feels, the better! There are many bathroom styles that will bring extra attention to your vacation rental.

Pamper Your Guests

A little bit of pampering can go a long way. Consider creating a welcome package that includes a few essential vacation items, like sunscreen and sunglasses, some snacks, and other things that could prove beneficial during their stay.

Stock the bathroom with luxury products, make sure the bedding is clean and made, have a sign welcoming them and their family to the rental, and send a “thank you for booking with us” email once they leave. There are a lot of gestures you can make that will stand out to your guests. A guest who feels special is more likely to leave a glowing review, which can draw positive attention to your rental.

Now that you know how to make your vacation rental stand out, you can prep your property for the upcoming travel season and be ready to welcome guests when they arrive.