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How To Plan A Romantic Occasion On A Budget

  • July 23, 2018

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how to plan a romantic occasion on a budget

Got an anniversary or spouse's birthday coming up? Or do you just want a date night without the kids? Either way, today's contributed post discusses how to plan a romantic occasion on a budget. Enjoy!


There are always going to be special occasions in your life, whether it’s a seasonal celebration, a birthday, or an anniversary. Planning out a romantic celebration for these isn’t always easy, particularly if you have a strict budget to stick to.

However, there are plenty of nice things you can do to show how much someone means to you. Some milestones, such as a 50th birthday, are simply too important not to celebrate, regardless of how much you have to spend. In this post, we’ll look at how to plan a romantic occasion on a budget, and suggest some cost-friendly ideas.

Shared Interests

Start by thinking about some of your shared interests. What are you and your partner passionate about? It may be something as simple as enjoying nature, but you can still make that an occasion. Try to come up with some ideas related to special and unique moments in the life you share. Reliving a treasured memory, such as a first date, is always a romantic thought.

The Finer Details

If your romantic event will be mainly based at home, don’t forget to include the finer details. Don’t be scared of clichés; they’re popular for a reason. Flowers, candles, and chocolates are usually crowd-pleasers but use your discretion. The small and thoughtful touches can make a huge difference.

Plan Well in Advance

Regardless of whether you’re planning a day out or a night in, be sure to plan the event well in advance. Doing so will mean you can keep your costs down as much as possible and research a variety of options. Give yourself more than a few days of prep time, and ideally a few weeks. Important dates should be in your calendar!

Romantic Ideas

Hopefully, you already have a few ideas of what you and the special person in your life like to do together. We’ve also outlined some ideas that are usually enjoyable, romantic, and affordable:

Cook at Home

Food can be one of the most romantic of mediums to celebrate through, and it doesn’t have to break the bank. Fancy restaurants are nice, but home comforts can be infinitely more intimate. If you’re inexperienced in the kitchen, try and get a few practice runs in first. Alternatively, make the occasion a shared one by cooking a special or significant dish together.

Go for a Picnic

Although this is a somewhat weather-dependant activity, if the season is right there’s no better option. Be sure to pack a range of tasty treats that aren’t going to make a mess. Make sure you have a picnic blanket, utensils, and napkins, and if you’re feeling brave, bring along some chilled champagne and glasses.


So long as you have a clear night, stargazing can be a beautifully intimate way to spend time together. Bring a blanket, some seating, and a flask of hot cocoa with you, as well as a speaker with some relaxing or spacey music. Lie back and enjoy the wonders of the universe together in perfect harmony.

Final Thoughts

Romantic gestures are often seen as daunting prospects, but they don’t have to be. If you’re organizing something for the special person in your life, you’re already going to know what they like and dislike. All it takes is some planning and forethought to bring these ideas out. Trust your instincts, and stick to your budget.