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How To Provide Better Customer Service

  • June 3, 2021

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How To Provide Better Customer Service

Does it feel like you’re losing customers? Then it might be time to assess whether it’s time to make a few changes to the way you do business. Even when you’re doing your best, you might be overlooking a few quick and simple fixes that could help you find new customers and, more importantly, retain the old ones. To help you get started, here are a few tips on how to provide better customer service.

Listen Closely, Respond Quickly

It’s human nature to assume that because something has always been done one way, it’s therefore the best way to do things. But times and people change, and what may have worked for your original customer base might not translate well to your newer clients. If your way of working and delivering doesn’t work for them, you’ll need to make changes to keep them around. This may mean making adjustments that inconvenience you, but if you do everything you can to make loyal customers happy, they’ll continue to not only do business with you but also connect you with others.

Create a Culture of Customer Service

Remind yourself and all your sales representatives that the only reason you’re in business is because of your customers. This means investing in the customers and demonstrating a culture of customer service based on consideration, knowledge, communication, and diligence. Train your reps well, ensuring they know your products backward and forwards and, hopefully, use them in their daily lives. Additionally, emphasize the importance of combining a professional attitude with a personal one. Customers appreciate both. Reward the representatives who do well and make a point of following up with customers to ask about their experiences with your salespeople. You may find their comments illuminating.

Create a Legend

Giving good service is fine, but it’s the moments of great service that customers remember. Do what you can to help customers experiencing unique problems—last-minute requests and after-hours service that solved their problems at the last minute are the kinds of stories you want to be shared about you. Don’t be too humble, either. Save and share these moments on social media, in presentations, and during your practiced elevator speech with potential clients. People can get adequate service anywhere, but they’re drawn to companies that are known for going above and beyond.

Check the Data

If you’re wondering how to provide better customer service, conduct a simple survey of your customers’ current satisfaction levels and check the data. Survey questions should address engagement, loyalty, why they chose your product over others, benefits offered by other companies, and so forth. Even a printed-out card offering multi-choice selections of satisfaction levels will reveal where you stand with them and how you can do better. More than that, you can use that data to strategize ways to improve service, adjust pricing, look for buying trends, and more.