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How to Select the Best Cryptocurrency for Investing

  • July 31, 2020

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How to Select the Best Cryptocurrency for Investing

What is the best cryptocurrency for investing?

Despite being there for at least ten years, digital currencies rose to fame in 2017-2018. Although the rush for buying cryptocurrencies has waned a bit, they usually hold an air of aura around them. Investors still have affectionate memories of the immense returns this resource class generated in those days. Thus, it stays a firm and most loved option with numerous financial specialists because of their unpredictability, which presents a lot of trading opportunities.


Investors of cryptocurrencies primarily fall into two principal classifications. The first category trusts the possibility of a decentralized exchange medium that will be peer-to-peer, which can replace the existent, stale, and old worldwide monetary industry. For this category, a cryptocurrency investment can be a sort of investment in a transparent and free financial system. The other category can be called Speculators, whose interest in cryptos is only for financial profit.

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Speculators, including retail investors and huge organizations, have invested in crypto mainly because of high returns that the asset has delivered during these years. Depending upon an investor’s risk-taking ability and objectives, one can either purchase crypto coins from crypto exchanges or perform the trade in the cryptocurrency using CFDs by visiting a credible site, you can invest in bitcoin software online easily. Some aspects of selecting the best cryptocurrency are discussed in the following sections.

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How to select a cryptocurrency for investment

At first, cryptocurrencies were thought of as risky investment alternatives; however, now they are regarded as superb financial resources on which forecasting can be done using an assortment of investment strategies. These strategies are defined as follows.

Dollar-cost Averaging Strategy

This strategy can be the best for believers of cryptocurrency and the technology through which they operate. Dollar-cost averaging is a speculation approach that normally adds a definite amount in dollars to a crypto portfolio. For example, a financial specialist may resolve to put $100 consistently, irrespective of the market rates. Dollar-cost averaging can be a very good way forward for unpredictable asset trading like cryptocurrency.

It is helpful and gives financial specialists the adaptability of assembling bit by bit a large crypto portfolio. While trading, it dispenses the problem of market timing, and it can decrease the net investment price of a crypto portfolio in case the prices fall.

Worth Averaging Strategy

It involves shifting the investment contributions as per a crypto portfolio’s net value. It is a general practice that financial specialists invest more when prices fall and less when prices appreciate. The objective is to maintain a particular status of the portfolio. For example, a speculator focusing on a crypto portfolio of $6,000 within six months will contribute $1,000 each month. However, if before the second month, the crypto portfolio is worth $1,500, the financial specialist will add only $500; if the portfolio is worth $800, the speculator will add $1,200. A variety of this system can be applied while trading in cryptocurrencies. Due to their volatility, financial specialists can sell or reshuffle a portion of their crypto possessions when costs are high and possibly look to support the capital when costs go lower.

Fundamental and technical analysis

Like any other money-related resource, fundamental and technical analyses help to find the best cryptocurrencies and tokens for investment. Technical analysis includes determining future costs based on the behavior of past values. Fundamental analysis includes evaluating the market capitalization of the crypto coin, its whitepaper, and following all the significant news associated with it. With digital currencies equipped for unusual price fluctuations, fundamental analysis is more important compared to technical analysis.

Market capitalization can be determined by the number of coins and price that is in circulation, but cryptocurrency investors also look at other factors to arrive at the value of a crypto coin or token. These factors include mining profitability, transaction speed, ownership dynamics, coin scalability, and trading volume. The whitepaper of a coin presents the roadmap and goals and can be a good tool to determine the intrinsic value of a coin. Digital currencies are touchy to significant improvements in the basic coin. News, like security, technological developments, and hard forks, can lead to significant price movements in a crypto coin.


With cryptos now being a monetary asset class, there are various other investment alternatives that investors can use to get ample experience in this field. Thus, having a good knowledge of these strategies can be very helpful in determining the best cryptocurrency for long-term investment.