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How To Sell Your Jewelry For Extra Money

  • January 23, 2020

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How To Sell Your Jewelry For Extra Money

You’ve probably heard the famous saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”.  Imagine if it wasn’t trash but pure valuable pieces of jewelry? Imagine it became a mutually exclusive deal where both parties won treasures in exchange? We’re talking about selling pre-loved or unwanted jewelry at a maximum monetary benefit.

It’s hard to decide when to pass on jewelry that was once loved but is no longer of use.  What can prove to be more difficult is deciding which piece of jewelry must go, how much can it be sold for or if it can even be sold? Read on to equip yourself with all the information you need if you plan to review your box of jewelry aiming to earn profits from it.

Should you Sell?

As much as we believe jewelry is as an asset for years to come, sometimes it’s valid to get rid of it especially if it no longer fills a need in your life. Whatever your reason to sell- a painful memory trigger or a trend killer, review your pieces of jewelry and understand if it is a good time to sell certain types of jewelry. Some instances include:

Hereditary jewelry

These are antique pieces inherited from family members. While you may feel obligated to keep it for its memory’s sake, chances are it can never be worn again either because it doesn’t suit your style or that it’s not in perfect condition.  In such cases, there is absolutely no shame in considering a sale.

Out of fashion

Follow the rule, if you haven’t worn it in 6 months or a year, you probably won’t in the near future. This presents an opportunity to either exchange this jewelry with something that’s trending or closer to your personal style sense.

Pre-loved jewelry

Sometimes, something as simple as jewelry is worn on your special day can trigger bad memories if your marriage didn’t work out. Along with those painful memories, it’s best that the jewelry and other triggers be gone too!

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Where to sell? 

It’s important to decide where you intend to sell your jewelry. This decision alone can save you from being scammed or taken for a ride. Experts from say that with proper guidance you can get maximum revenue from the items you plan to sell.  It is worth considering the following when deciding where to sell your jewels:

Safety of your jewelry

You do not want to get duped when your precious jewels are taken in for an assessment. Nor do you want them to mishandle valuable jewelry that deserves care and attention.

The price you’ll get

Experienced, reputable and serious buyers are trained to spot a valuable item and therefore will give you the absolute price for it.


If it sounds too convenient, it probably is an alarm. A transaction like this includes a thorough assessment, validation, and paperwork.

Choose to work with thorough and reputable jewelry buyers if you wish to get maximum returns for unwanted jewels in hand. The benefit of working with trained buyers are:

  • Total transparency in the evaluation of items.
  • Strong offers made based on item value.
  • Excellent advice from professionals for the seller to make an informed decision on the sale.
  • No commissions or incentives to staff, leaving the customer to enjoy maximum returns for the jewelry they wish to sell.

Where not to sell?

While you may be tempted to make a quick sale of the item to take advantage of the price given, it’s worth limiting risks by determining where to sell. People are tempted to make sales online considering the convenience factor. Unfortunately, this poses serious risks to the seller:

Market value goes down

Selling unwanted jewelry online poses a risk of its value going down considering it can be misunderstood as a desperate sale.

Chances of being robbed

Selling online to an unknown buyer also means you probably have to meet an unknown person for the first time to sell your invaluable jewels. There is no guarantee the buyer cannot rob you.

Logistic costs

Shipping your jewels to the unknown buyer online could mean it can take weeks to get to them. Upon receiving, the buyer can dispute for authenticity. This back and forth can cost you additional expenses.

Get your Jewelry Appraised

Picture yourself as a buyer. If you had to buy pre-loved jewelry from a seller, you would want to ensure the jewels are in top condition sourced from a reputable jeweler.  It also needs to be 100% genuine and worth the money paid. However, with jewelry, it can be very deceiving. Contrary to the popular belief, all that glitters need not be gold! So the first step after deciding on selling your unwanted jewelry is to get it thoroughly examined and evaluated by a professional who knows his jewels well.  Experienced jewelry buyers consider many factors, but aren’t limited to:

  • Material distinction
  • Market trends
  • Quality
  • Value of brand
  • Skilled craftsmanship

Reputable professionals are trained to evaluate jewelry of all kinds and can give fair honest pricing based on assessment.

A Jewelry buyers process for determining the value 

Whatever the jewelry, a jewelry buyer or collector will assess the item to determine its value. Each piece is evaluated and treated with complete care and attention. Potential buyers ensure to conduct a detailed analysis of the designer and brand to validate the probable value. Depending on the type of jewelry, most reputable jewelry buyers will also follow a guideline to assess the item thoroughly.

For example, if it were diamonds in question, the 4C’s are followed, i.e, Cut, Color, Clarity & Carat to ensure authenticity, quality, and value. Finally, the market demand and pricing of all materials embellished in the jewelry in ascertained.

The overriding factor of all is that your pre-loved jewelry must give you maximum profit but not at the cost of being scammed. Choose the right way to sell your unused jewelry so that you can reap in the benefits and enjoy your life as you please!