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How To Start Your Real Estate Business in Florida

  • September 4, 2021

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How To Start Your Real Estate Business in Florida

The real estate industry is known as being an incredibly profitable and rewarding career field to join. This profession’s endless opportunities are why it’s such a common second career choice for those who need a change in their work lives.

However, while there’s plenty of success to achieve in this business, navigating how to join this profession is no simple task. In this blog, we’re focusing on how to start your real estate business in Florida.

Obtain Your License

Before starting your real estate business, you’ll need to obtain your realty license. In Florida, there are five major steps that new agents must complete to earn their licenses. These steps are:

  1. Complete 63 hours of the real estate course
  2. Pass the real estate course final exam
  3. Submit digital fingerprints
  4. Submit your license application
  5. Pass Florida’s real estate exam

Once you’ve completed each of these requirements, you’ll receive a copy of your certificate and license. However, you cannot activate your license until you sign with an official real estate brokerage.

Find a Resourceful Brokerage

One of the most common mistakes that new realtors make when starting this career field is joining a brokerage before conducting thorough research. While it is true that you cannot activate your license until you join a real estate brokerage, it’s essential to browse through different brokerage offices to find the best fit for you.

Different offices offer different commission splits, office support, and resources. New agents can find 100 percent commission real estate brokerages and offices that offer additional training to learn about the real estate industry.

Don’t make the mistake of joining a brokerage without researching its benefits first. Then, browse through different offices to find the office that gives you the most support.

Consider Relocating

Sometimes establishing a successful career as a real estate agent means needing to relocate. Since Florida has some of the most booming locations for buying properties, relocating to this state is a serious option.

Even if you already live in the sunshine state, surveying how many realtors sell properties in different areas is essential. When a location is saturated with too many realtors and not enough clients, these locations can quickly become a dead end for new realtors. Review and browse different towns and property areas in Florida to avoid this setback.

Establish an Online Presence

One of the most critical skills that a new agent must learn is how to embrace digital marketing. As a realtor, it will be your job to create social media platforms and websites that showcase your talents as an agent.

Once you establish an online presence, future clients can contact you directly and share your information with friends.

We hope our guide on how to start your real estate business in Florida has been a helpful resource. As you earn your license and begin browsing brokerages, review this guide as a future reference.