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How To Take Care Of Yourself After An Accident

  • May 11, 2018

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how to take care of yourself after an accident

Do you know what to do when you're in an accident? Today's contributed post details how to take care of yourself after an accident. Let us know your experience in the comments. 


We all hope that it never happens to us, but unfortunately, it does. We trip, fall, slip or have an accident at work. How many times have you been in a shopping center and seen someone take a tumble, and while you might rush to offer aid, have you ever considered the steps the person might need to take after an incident like that? Well, don’t worry about it – this article will cover it all for you.

If you happen to take a fall when you’re out and about then first things first.

Don't Worry

Try not to be too embarrassed, this is pretty difficult but sometimes when we are embarrassed we take the blame for things that weren’t our fault, and when you’ve fallen over, it was most likely not your fault – try not to feel that way or admit wrongdoing.

People have accidents many times a day, don’t worry too much. Equally, if you are in a car accident, have had an accident with something you have purchased, or it was a construction accident. For the rest of this article, we will focus on a slip, trip or fall in a public space.

Let People Help You

If people come to your aid and offer help, then let them help you. It might be possible that you have injuries that are much worse than you might think. Take note of the people who have stopped to help you. You can send a thank you note when you are feeling better, their kind deed does make an accident much easier to deal with.

Write It Down & Take Photos

Make a note of where you have fallen down. The reason for this is twofold: firstly, you can help the shopkeeper,  local council, or governing body make a report and take steps to rectify whatever the issues were. And, secondly, if you were to take it further for example, if you wanted to contact a personal injury lawyer, then you have the report from the location as well as your own notes.

Do you have a phone with a camera? Take a few moments to take a photo of where the accident happened. If your injuries are too significant, then ask some of the passers-by that have aided you to do it for you.

Talk To Your Doctor

If you only seem to have some bruises and small cuts you will need more than likely be fine to head home and take care of them. However, you should book an appointment with your doctor for the following day to get adequately assessed. After the shock has worn off, other more severe injuries might present themselves. It is also wise to have any appointments for medical attention on file.

If you aren’t so lucky as to have some minor injuries, then you shouldn’t consider driving.

There might be a chance you have bumped your head, if so please do not be tempted to try and go home, wait for the medical services to come and check you over. Or if you are offered a lift to the hospital then accept it. The main priority is your health – however, it is essential to keep a keen note of what is going on too.

It is highly likely that you will have been seated by the people that came to help you, please remain seated until you feel either well enough to move or have had the appropriate medical care.

Get Legal Help If Needed

After you are safely home, and the shock has subsided you might decide you would like to speak to someone about what happened. Seek legal help from reputable sources, and they will help you with regards to what you may be entitled to regarding compensation. The likelihood is that you are not responsible for the accident.

Take Care Of Yourself

In the days following any type of incident, it is vital that you take care of yourself. You might need to arrange a few days or longer off work depending on your injuries; you may also like to arrange someone to check in on you and make sure you are okay.

If you do happen to need to stay in the hospital for a few days, call a trusted friend or family member to take care of the details for you and bring you some essentials to the hospital. As you recover, try to write down more and more detail as you remember them, get in touch with the people who helped you and see if they could give you more information (and be sure to thank them too).