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How Web Design Impacts Content Marketing

  • October 28, 2020

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If you are a business owner, you probably know how important web design is for leaving a strong and positive first impression on your current and potential customers. According to professional web design agencies, everything matters...from the choice of fonts and colors to the layout...and, of course, content!

But how can web design impact content marketing? - you might wonder.

Before we answer this question, let us define content marketing first.

What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing can make or break your business.

The purpose of content marketing is in creating valuable content (text, audio, or video) that provides useful information for your potential customers and help them find what they are searching for.

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For example, you can create how-to guides, traveling guides, gaming guides, or create informational videos on particular topics. Once people start arriving at your pages, it is crucial to lead them back to the product or service pages your business has to offer. In case you are selling joy-cons for Nintendo Switch, be sure to link to the product page on your website inside your gaming guides. This creates an opportunity for more people to visit your product page and potentially make a purchase.

Once you have used content marketing to attract visitors (AKA potential buyers) to your website, you need to make sure that they can effortlessly navigate your site and find what they are looking for. If you manage to achieve this, you will have fantastic conversion rates.

Now that we have defined the primary purpose of content marketing, let's look at four ways in which web design can affect content marketing.

4 Ways In Which Web Design Can Affect Content Marketing

First Impression

Keep in mind that the first impression is something that can affect your content as well, and here is how.

According to the latest research, people are prone to making judgments regarding the trustworthiness and quality of content based on how professional your website looks at first glance.

Therefore, even if you are offering top-notch content, your website's design can turn people away. Your site needs to be designed in an elegant manner that will showcase your professionalism and make visitors confident that they can trust your brand.


Accessibility is one of the most important factors when it comes to designing content-heavy websites. One of the best web design agencies underlines the importance of simple navigation for these kinds of websites. It is imperative that people can find what interests them without having to click through several pages of irrelevant content.

Most visitors will give up and visit another website if they have to browse through several pages to get to the pages they are searching for. Therefore, the best navigation setup for content-heavy websites should consist of perfectly grouped drop-down menus. This is by far the best and most efficient way for people to find what they are looking for with ease.

Different Types of Visuals

Nowadays, there is a growing trend where people are searching for visual content rather than plain text. All kinds of infographics, photos, videos, and other graphic formats help people learn new things more efficiently. Therefore, it is crucial to include all sorts of visuals in your website content.

For example, if you are into the gardening business, you can publish how-to gardening videos where you will allow people to learn how to take a DIY approach while at the same time promoting products you are offering.

The bottom line is that visual content is high in demand in almost every industry out there. It can help your target audience get to know your business (products and services you offer) better.

This is why it is imperative to have one of the professional web design agencies to design your website, as it should work perfectly with all kinds of visuals.


Readability impacts user experience

Along with everything else we have mentioned above, your text must be easy to read and visually appealing. Try to stick with two fonts, as anything more than that is too much. Pick one font for headings and one for paragraphs, and you are good to go.

Also, be sure that the fonts and colors you choose fit perfectly with your website background colors, or your content will be very hard to read. For a more in-depth guide read the following article:


Numerous web design factors play a role in content marketing, which is why you should always hire one of the professional web design agencies to design your websites. They know that websites should be designed with users in mind. Users who can effortlessly navigate your website and find what they are searching for are happy users, and happy users bring more profits!